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His closets are full of shoes, and it’s not a fashion statement

Oct. 25th 2010

Precision footwork is something SCARPA team member Gord McArthur puts a lot of value in. Here a fun little vid where he shows what that looks like, and why he’s a fan of all the different categories of SCARPA footwear.

A typical day in the McArthur household – chasing the kids around followed by a little drytooling.

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The winners just keep coming…

Oct. 22nd 2010

Well, the results are in on the next round of contest winners, and SCARPA would like to again thank all those who participated. We love hearing from you and seeing our customers in action. It’s why we do what we do. And today we want to congratulate (and gear out) two more winners.

Elyse Lemieux won the newsletter signup contest and will recieve a pair of Raptor trail running shoes and a SCARPA t-shirt. Kirby VanVleet is the winner of our registered users contest, and he is getting a pair of Kailash GTX, a pair of Mojitos and a SCARPA t-shirt.

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SCARPA announces web-site launch contest winners … and stay tuned for more

Oct. 21st 2010

It’s always fun to give away outdoor gear, and we’re psyched to stoke out of a few of our loyal SCARPA customers this week, following a few contests we ran during the launch of our new SCARPA North America web site last and the early part of this month.

Congrats to Byron Murray, who won the review portion of the contest for his review on the SCARPA site of the Techno rock shoes. He earns a $150 credit for product with SCARPA.

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Eric Larson skis to both poles, summits Everest inside of one year

Oct. 18th 2010

A big congrats to Eric Larson, who nabbed his ‘third pole,’ the summit of Mount Everest, on Thursday, in his quest to summit the world’s highest mountain and ski to both North and South Pole inside of one year. Larson’s Save the Poles Expedition was part of an effort to raise awareness about global warming by calling attention to its affects on the world’s most extreme places.

And while those places are seeing the effects (you can’t listen to the news without hearing about how quickly the polar regions are melting), the world’s extreme places are still extreme. Extreme enough to cause a number of moments of pause for someone who’s very accustomed to extreme environments.

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A Family Affair

Oct. 14th 2010

SCARPA North America athlete Andrew McLean is all about family…The Alaska Family, that is, and tonight he’s going to be giving a presentation on just how committed he’s been.

“The Alaska Family” refers to a set of three peaks, the Denali, Sultana and Mt. Hunter. According to Native American lore, these mountains are the Father (Denali), the Mother (Sultana) and the Child (Hunter). In skiing terms, they represent the highest peak in North America, a peak that has been called “the toughest 14-er in North America,” and a peak with one of the lowest odds of success, respectively. That’s quite the family tree!

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Backpacker tests boots the hard way, SCARPA Barun comes out on top

Oct. 4th 2010

Leave it to the team over at Backpacker to take a bunch of hiking boots and dump them in a cement mixer to see how they held up to extreme abuse. But, hey, to their credit, Backpacker puts gear through the paces like few other test team do, so we were especially pleased that the Barun GTX came out on top of their 2009 self-described ‘Torture Test.’

Click below to see Ted “Tornado” Alvarez in action, creating his own little tornado in the Backpacker conference room. Hope there wasn’t an editorial board meeting slated for that afternoon …

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