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Our Kind of Happy Holidays, from our friends in Revelstoke

Dec. 27th 2010

Where can you find poutine, the Columbia River, and 6,000 vertical feet of powder turns? To find and to view more dreamy photos check out Garrett Grove’s blog at…

Happy Holidays!!!
Paul Kimbrough

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To shred suitably…you have to nail your ski, boot, binding set-up

Dec. 21st 2010

What do you like to ski? Powder? Bumps? Backcountry steeps? All of the above? <check> While there is no single ideal setup that will shred in every situation, pairing the right gear with the intended purpose can be the difference between a decent winter and a great one. The trick is in being honest with yourself about how, where and when you’ll be shredding, then matching the right skis, boots and bindings for your specific needs.

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Steep skin tracks: Hate ’em? Andrew McLean says don’t

Dec. 16th 2010

If there’s anyone qualified to riff on skin tracks, it’s Andrew McLean. The guy’s logged more time on climbing skins than most.

And if there’s one topic that some folks love to bash on in the backcountry (other than dog poop on route), it’s steep skin tracks. Andrew’s take: Dealing with steep tracks is a matter of technique and tools, as well as a way to keep things interesting.

Chris Figenshau shows how it's done.

Whether you love steep skinning or hate it and don’t foresee changing that view, this is good beta, because you know you’re going to be dealing with steep skin tracks sometimes.

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Climber, writer, guide Majka Burhardt presents at Tedx SMU

Dec. 14th 2010

Majka Burhardt is an AMGA certified rock guide with a huge heart and an endless appetite for adventure. She holds an anthropology degree from Princeton University and an MFA in creative writing.  Her climbing, anthropological curiosity, philanthropic nature and expert ability to communicate her adventures and passion have led Majka on a busy second career as an author and presenter.

Her latest, is a presentation she gave at TED x, an affiliate program of TED the celebrated speaker series that presents “riveting talks by remarkable people.” Majka’s presentation was on her latest book, Vertical Ethiopia: Climbing Towards Possibility in the Horn of Africa. The book, and the presentation, documents her experience in bringing climbing to Ethiopia, and her insights into the coffee culture that drive’s everything in Ethiopia.

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Video: How to heat mold SCARPA’s Intuition ski boot liners

Dec. 9th 2010

Heat molding the liners in your ski boots is one of the best things you can do to achieve a positive experience while skiing and ski-touring in your boots. This video, featuring SCARPA North America CEO Kim Miller and Director of Winter Product Development Chris Clark, is a great ‘how to’ for molding SCARPA’s Intuition liners.

And yes, do make sure that there aren’t any PBR cans in your boots before molding them …

On a more serious note, heat molding is important for a variety of reasons:

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TR: Raphael Slawinski and Jashua Lavigne on Sir Douglas NW face

Dec. 2nd 2010

The beta according to
“Mount Sir Douglas is one of the most aesthetic mountains in the heart of the southern Canadian Rockies. It is located on the continental divide, split evenly between British Columbia (BC) and Alberta. Its summit actually straddles three parks, Banff National Park, Peter Lougheed Provincial Park and Height of the Rockies Provincial Park. Belonging to the 11,000’+ group, it ranks high on technical objective lists along with Assiniboine and Joffre in the southern Canadian Rockies. However, Sir Douglas is not as popular due to significant rock fall hazard on the routes.

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