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2011 Ultimate Groove Hjorundfjord Trip

Oct. 3rd 2011


By Heather Paul Featherman

Last April, I lead a team of 11 women into the fjords of Norway to sail and ski.  The team consisted of professional skiers, instructors, patrollers, avalanche instructors and avid backcountry skiers.  Like any expedition, we were in uncharted territory with unknown and unskied peaks at our disposal.

The snow had melted a bit more than we had prepared for so our approaches were long and steep in sneakers with heavy loads but once we reached the snow line and looked back down to the water and our sailboats, it was pure bliss.   The corn snow rivaled the views and each day brought a new harbor and a new set of peaks to bag.

Once off the snow each day, we lounged on the sailboats and soaked in the sauna and dove into the fjords.  Our debrief meetings took place on the docks in an unreal setting as we awaited the skipper’s traditional Norwegian gourmet meals of fish and shrimp.  A trip solely motivated by skiing, offered so much more.

While the skiing was amazing, it was the company, the setting and the enthusiasm of the group that put it over the top.  The combination of salt air and corn snow was magical.

Norwegian Harbor

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