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Alli Rainey: Winter Sport Climbing in Wyoming

Jan. 31st 2012

Dean of Mean 12d

Alli Rainey is a sport climber through and through. Claiming to have a “one dimensional passion,” Alli loves climbing even in the heart of a cold Wyoming winter. Below, she shares a little bit about her climbing passion and the benefits of climbing close to home – even if it is a little chilly.

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Episode 1: Team Crested Butte Trains for the COSMIC Race Series

Jan. 27th 2012

Episode One of a web series chronicling SCARPA/SKI TRAB Team Crested Butte 2012 season. In this episode Bryan Wickenhauser, Brian Smith, Jon Brown, and Jari Kirkland talk about their training for randonee racing. Team Crested Butte’s training days last anywhere from two to nine hours and include skiing, touring, climbing and practicing transitions. They stress the importance of interval training as well as resting.

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Growing Ice: Upcoming 2012 Ice Festivals

Jan. 24th 2012

The swinging of tools and the kicking of crampons have a unique satisfaction that has to be experienced in order to be realized. With the proliferation of climbers who have been hooked by ice climbing has come the evolution of regional ice climbing festivals. Or, is it the other way around? Either way, ice festivals have gotten a foothold on aspiring winter enthusiasts, alluring people to embrace the frozen landscapes in the wilds near their home.

Will Gadd. Photo: Christian Pondella

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Gord McArthur – Training, Climbing and Competing

Jan. 19th 2012

SCARPA Athlete, Gord McArthur is back at it, training and climbing and competing in the first World Cup of Mixed Climbing in South Korea. Below, he shares about his experience training this fall in Canada.

The crew at the airport

Since the end of the summer I’ve been doing my best to train as hard as possible–long nights in the backyard, climbing all over North America, working on weaknesses, doing everything I can to come to a place of confidence, believing in my ability to climb and compete. Well, it’s here now; months of preparation and commitment have finally come to this point…the first world cup of mixed climbing…in South Korea.

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Hurricane vs.Hurricane Pro: Differences and Similarities

Jan. 17th 2012

When it comes to weather, we all like a good natural disaster. When a category four hurricane gets an upgrade to five, well, that’s when the party starts. So, it goes for SCARPA. In the case of the upgraded Hurricane Pro, the increases to the dynamic freeride boot have made a solid boot even better. With great attention to detail, SCARPA has focused on the highlights of the original Hurricane, and strived to make them more refined, efficient and stronger for the Pro.

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Sam Elias: On the Ouray Ice Fest, the climbing community and learning opportunities

Jan. 12th 2012

Sam Elias at Ouray Ice Fest 2012SCARPA athlete, Sam Elias spent last weekend at the Ouray Ice Festival in Colorado celebrating frozen water, climbing, camaraderie and learning. Sam has attended and taught at five Ouray Ice Fests and cannot wait for the next one. Here are Elias’ reflections on the 2012 festival:

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Kicking and Swinging: Jorasses Pro GTX is the right kind of fit

Jan. 10th 2012

Jorasses Pro GTXFor a lot of us living in the American West, the ski season isn’t up and running. The dearth of snow so far pervades most of the mountains west of the Mississippi, and skiers are passively waiting for Mother Nature to dish out some fresh powder. No matter. At least not for ice climbers, who welcome the light snow pack and revel in the easy access to their favorite haunts. Who needs powder when you can make a day of kicking and swinging sharp tools into frozen water?

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Majka Burhardt: Climbing and Traveling in Cuba

Jan. 5th 2012

SCARPA athlete and ambassador Majka Burhardt is a writer, climber and world traveler. Recently she traveled to Cuba with photographer Holly Wilmeth to climb, explore and learn more about Cuban culture. An article was published in the January/February issue of AFAR Magazine and some of Wilmeth’s photos are featured on the AFAR blog. The pictures are of picturesque Cuban scenes and challenging climbs. Eloquent stories and stunning photos make the SCARPA team excited for Majka to continue traveling and climbing around the world.

Read about Majka Burhardt’s adventures on or learn more about Majka on her blog.

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The Journeyman: Dylan Freed’s rise as a career ski mountaineer

Jan. 3rd 2012

Dylan FreedSCARPA-athlete Dylan Freed has quite the pedigree. Mentored for years by world-class mountaineers, the humble and precocious ski mountaineer who’s not even a quarter century old already has years of professional skiing under his belt, which happens to be black, if you catch our drift. He’s all in, and here’s what he has to say.

You grew up in SLC in the mountaineering community. How has it been having hard man alpinist Mark Twight as your uncle? How did that influence you?
Having Mark as an influence when I was young has been the strongest force on my direction in life. He introduced me to what the mountains can offer, if you’re allowed to trespass in them long enough, and the way friendships and experiences evolve with people who embody similar attitudes. Seeing him in another realm as a compassionate family member made me aware that other people’s perceptions and the personas people create in the media are rarely accurate.

In addition to Twight, you’ve had a lot of great mentors to learn from, including Andrew McLean. What are the most valuable lessons you’ve learned from them?
Skiing and traveling with Andrew McLean is always entertaining. Whether swerving around Tehran in an ‘88 Land Cruiser cheating death (in an auto accident), waiting for cameramen in Iceland in a whiteout, or skiing some “low angle bullshit” on a high danger day in the Wasatch, he always has an incredibly positive attitude. It has been great to have a friend and mentor that has taught me about what it’s like to be a traveler and make the best of any experience you’re given.

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