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Blake Herrington: New Routes in Red Rock

Apr. 26th 2012

Blake Herrington has a passion for discovering new climbs. With new routes from Patagonia to Alaska, Herrington, who is based in Washington, has established over two-dozen alpine climbs, all done in a traditional style, ground up, without a single bolt. Below is a video and his account of a day in Red Rock in Nevada, where he and his climbing partner established 1,500′ of new routes.

Mt. Wilson looms impressively above all other peaks and walls in Red Rocks, Nevada. Its satellite pinnacle, Cactus Flower Tower, holds a rarely-climbed summit of its own. In early April, I recruited my friend, Chris Weidner, into joining me in climbing Mt. Wilson and the tower. The plan was to put up a new route on each formation.

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Design Sparks: Q&A with SCARPA running shoe designer Mark Mathews

Apr. 24th 2012

Mark Mathews is one of the brains behind SCARPA’s award winning trail runner, the Spark, which won ‘Best Debut’ from Runner’s World this spring. He’s a lifelong runner who values the balance of design, functionality and reality. Working in the outdoor industry for much of his career, Mathews has come to know what works and why when it comes to trail running shoes. We were able to pick his brain about what strides are necessary to make state-of-the-art trail shoes.

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Ueli Steck on training via running in the SCARPA Sparks

Apr. 20th 2012

Most folks familiar with Ueli Steck’s achievements think of him as one of the world’s most accomplished alpinists. And that’s certainly accurate. But staying in shape for the world’s most visionary climbs involves a lot of training of the more everyday sort – running.

Because he does so much training (1,200 hours per year!), Steck says the simplicity and ease of running appeals to him. That, and the fact that – as he says – unlike with speed solo climbing, if you make a mistake running, you won’t die. So there’s that …

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Less is More: The new Spark minimalist running shoe

Apr. 17th 2012

Trail running is experiencing a renaissance. And it’s showing us that less is more, as in lower to the ground, less cushioned, less material, and more minimal. The theory being that the more efficient and lower impact running style is to strike the ground with the midfoot/forefoot, not the heel. This allows the dynamic structure of the foot to absorb most of the impact, so the shoe needs to absorb only a small amount of impact. SCARPA saw the intelligence in the minimal style, and the Spark was made.

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Rob Pizem Climbing Video

Apr. 9th 2012

For Rob Pizem it’s just another day of climbing in the desert. Hand jams, finger locks, smears and whippers are what desert climbing is all about. Rob has established plenty of climbing in Escalante and has no intentions of slowing down. Photographer John Dickey filmed Rob out climbing in Escalante and put together this fun short video:

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Why everyone should attend the Red Rock Rendezvous in 2013

Apr. 6th 2012

Rob Pizem, SCARPA athlete has nothing but great things to say about the Red Rock Rendezvous. From clinics to gear to the overall feel, Pizem had a great time and wants everyone else to share his amazing experience next year.

I, Rob Pizem, had the wonderful opportunity to teach two clinics and be auctioned off by the American Alpine Club at this year’s Red Rock Rendezvous. Along with meeting great people, enjoying the sunny and sometimes windy Nevada weather and getting to go rock climbing, I just wanted to let everyone know why the event kicks butt. Next year is the 10th annual, and I know that it will be a special and amazing time for everyone involved. Special thanks to SCARPA for sending me to represent them at this event. As usual, it was an honor.

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Rebel GTX Carbon: Ueli Steck and SCARPA create another masterpiece

Apr. 5th 2012

Ueli Steck wearing the Rebel GTX Carbon, photo in Outside Magazine, March

Light. Fast. Dependable. Those are the three words Ueli Steck wants to hear when he thinks about designing boots with SCARPA. Their latest collaboration is just that: The Rebel GTX Carbon is the designing duo’s most recent masterpiece in alpine performance and versatility. Comfortable on snow, rock and ice, the Rebel is home anywhere in the alpine landscape. Absolute commitment is paramount in climbing at this level, so why shouldn’t absolute commitment be made to creating the best boot possible? SCARPA and Ueli Steck are on the same page, and the Rebel is testament to that commitment.

Ueli has made a point of balancing marathon style endurance with technical craftsmanship in his pursuits of climbing long alpine routes. SCARPA wants to help him develop the best possible tools with which to continue on his path. The Rebel is meant to be as comfortable as a running shoe, nimble as a rock shoe, and yet crampon compatible, and tough enough to perform in the high peaks, allowing him to climb at his limit with confidence.

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Josh Wharton Mixed Climbing Video

Apr. 3rd 2012

Between training and putting up first ascents, Josh Wharton headed out for a day of cragging with friends. 100% comfortable on the thinest of mixed climbing and the sparsest of gear makes Josh Wharton an absolute crusher. Josh is a highly dedicated athlete and an absolute mixed master. Here is a video we put together of Josh out climbing with his friends at Loch Vale near Estes Park:

Josh Wharton – SCARPA Mixed Climbing from SCARPA North America on Vimeo.

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Get Trail-Ready! Enter to win trail running shoes from SCARPA on Facebook

Apr. 2nd 2012

In honor of warmer weather and the trails drying up, SCARPA will be giving away two pairs of trail running shoes (one men’s, one women’s) each week to two lucky Facebook fans. This is no April Fool’s joke! All you have to do is “Like” the SCARPA Facebook page, enter your name and email address on the ‘Contest Giveaway’ link, and… voila! You’re entered to win.

The first contest launched today with the Corsa Boa (women’s) and Blitz Boa (men’s), a running shoe with a triple-density EVA sole (=more cushion and a softer forefoot) and the Boa quick adjustment dial system for a precise fit.

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