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Fit for Function: Why the right fit matters

May. 31st 2012

Rocks, stumps, tree roots and logs all contribute to the landscape of trail running. And we love it. The uneven slopes, steep hills, forested single track, and nature’s cobbled paths bring different rewards than the prizes of pounding pavement. Trail runners also have different demands on their bodies, and different demands of their shoes. The right trail shoe can be transcendent as we quietly putter along in solitude, whereas ill-fitting trail shoes can wreak havoc on our feet, and reduce the most stalwart mountain man into a hobbled mess in a matter of minutes. Hot spots, blisters, and lost toenails are but a few issues that are the result of ill-fitting trail shoes.

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R2R2R: Tim Brosious runs rim to rim to rim in the Grand Canyon

May. 29th 2012

Tim Brosious has been running since he was a child and has been a competitive athlete his entire life. Eventually, he started competing in trail races such as the Leadville Trail Marathon and the Leadville Silver Rush 50 Mile Run and he became hooked on long-distance trail running. Now, a part-time employee at Jax Outdoor Gear in Lafayette, Colo., he knows a lot about shoes and a lot about running. After years of putting many different shoes through tremendous abuse, Brosious says, “the SCARPA Sparks were the only shoe to leave my feet feeling great after 6 to 15 hour runs.” When we found out Tim was heading to Arizona to complete the R2R2R in the Grand Canyon, we wanted to hear how it went. Below is Tim’s account of the run:

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Recap: Trail Days 2012 in Virginia

May. 24th 2012

SCARPA booth at Trail Days 2012

Trail Days had yet another successful celebration in Damascus, Virginia this past weekend. Taking place along the Appalachian Trail where AT through-hikers pass by in May (if they’re heading north), the annual event brought together trail-lovers from all over the world. A free shuttle transported dirty, hungry hikers into Damascus where they could eat a home-cooked meal, get their gear repaired and dance the night away to live music. This year, Trail Days was also a celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Appalachian Trail.

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Kapp Singer Skis in Greenland and with Danny Walton

May. 22nd 2012

Kapp Singer with Pete Patterson and David Singer

Kapp Singer is both lucky and talented. Having learned to telemark ski at a very young age from SCARPA athlete, Danny Walton, he took a liking to the sport and happens to be extremely good at it too. Last month, at 12 years old, he had the privilege to travel to Greenland on a ski trip. Needless to say, it was a “mindblowing” experience and Kapp was excited to share some of the trip highlights with us.

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Never Summer: Q&A with Polar Explorer Eric Larsen

May. 18th 2012

Polar exploring demands a myriad of skills for safe and efficient traveling, combining endurance and strength with hard, technical alpine climbing skills, glacier and cold weather travelling protocols, and even a bit of luck. And when you tack on the burden of telling the story while you’re there, an entirely different set of media skills and equipment is added to your list of daily tasks. But, that’s how SCARPA athlete Eric Larsen likes it. He has recently returned from a training mission to Hudson Bay, and will soon be off on another to Pakistan’s Gasherbrum II (G2), neither of which give him much time under the warm sun. Here’s what he has to say about it.

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Whit Magro climbs all nine major towers in Fitz Roy Massif

May. 15th 2012

SCARPA recently learned that one of our climbing athletes, Whit Magro, became the first person to climb all nine of the major towers in the Fitz Roy Massif in Patagonia.

After returning home in late February, he learned that his personal accomplishment of climbing every major tower in the group made him the first to do so.  When asked about this accomplishment Whit stated, “I didn’t start climbing down there with this intention, but after last year’s success climbing the Wave Effect, finishing the range was an attainable goal, so I pushed for it.” The towers in order from north to south are Guillaumet, Mermoz, Fitz Roy, Silla, Desmochada, Poincenot, Innominata, Saint-Exupery, and de l’S.

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The Natural Path: Q&A with SCARPA’s Paul Nanawa

May. 10th 2012

Sometimes the right path manifests itself. Just ask Paul Nanawa, the current Sales Service Manager for all things SCARPA. The California-born Nanawa attended college for electrical engineering, but sparks didn’t fly until a classmate took him climbing for the first time. Since then he’s followed the trails of the outdoor industry, and crafted a life in Colorado balancing what he loves with his livelihood, a harmony that’s often hard to attain.

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Jesse Huey: Seeking out some type-one fun

May. 8th 2012

SCARPA athlete Jesse Huey recently checked in with this report:

By the end of the winter I was starting to feel like a grumpy old man. I was overworked and in the middle of planning an alpine trip to Patagonia with my friend Madeline Sorkin for the month of February. I couldn’t help but listen to my gut, which was telling me that I needed some good, old-fashioned, type one fun. Sport climbing – who doesn’t love a bubble gum sport-climbing trip! My mind quickly ran through the possibilities, and in about 10 seconds I was researching flights to Barcelona, Spain. Madeline was easily swayed and within a few days all our alpine focus turned into training for the overhanging limestone of Catalunya, Spain.

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Sam Elias reports from Everest base camp

May. 3rd 2012

Everest Base Camp - Sam Elias

Sam Elias and other SCARPA athletes are at Everest base camp gearing up for an expedition that has many parts including a scientific medical study, a historical Everest story, a geologic survey and an art project. Not to mention actually climbing Mt. Everest. Elias wrote in to tell us what it’s been like getting ready for the expedition, the challenges he has faced as a sport climber, as well as the gear he is using.

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Young Gun: Q&A with all-rounder Chris Thomas

May. 1st 2012

Chris Thomas will be the first to admit he has some well-established OCD, and it suits him just fine. The SCARPA-sponsored athlete flip flops from Rock to Ice to Alpine with equal enthusiasm, and the results show he’s just getting better at all of them. Rough, we know. He just left for Europe to pursue the manic muse of his rock climbing, but we got him to focus for a moment on what it’s like to follow his growing compulsion for all things climbing.

Chris Thomas in Osp, Slovenia in April

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