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Avoiding problems with rock shoe delamination

Jul. 31st 2012

Finding the right pair of rock shoes takes some time and effort. And buying those that best work for a particular intended purpose isn’t always easy. So it makes sense that when you do get the shoes that work for that particular use or project, you protect your investment.

There really aren’t a lot of preventative measures to taking care of rock shoes, but there are a few. One is simply keeping an eye on normal wear and tear, and – when they need it – getting them to a good cobbler for a resole before too much wear makes that not a possibility. Another is pretty simple: Don’t leave your rock shoes in a hot car (or expose to any type of heat), or even – when possible to avoid it – in direct sunlight.

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Summer Sport Climbing in Ten Sleep Canyon, Wyoming & Beyond; High-Country Climbing in Wyoming to Escape the Summer Heat

Jul. 26th 2012

Alli Rainey will climb in just about any conditions, she just loves rocks and finding her way up them. However, the recent heat wave that swept though the U.S., including Wyoming, sent her heading to the high country to escape the unseasonably high temperatures.

Making the leap on Skag Pup (12b)

Today, I’m resting, writing, recovering and contemplating climbing in Ten Sleep Canyon tomorrow. All morning long, I’ve been visualizing the canyon route I want to take down. If I can send it this season, that would allow me to focus even more on new and different things, like this high-country climbing area. I’m so stoked that we finally motivated to come on up here and camp and climb; it’s been talked about for years, literally, but never acted upon until a few weeks back.

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Bozeman Based Scarpa Athletes Finish a New Line.

Jul. 24th 2012

Infinity Line indicated in red

Sam and Whit Magro are Montana-based climbers and guides. Their climbing resumes are impressive and their passion for the sport is infectious. Sam was the winner of two Mugs Stump Awards in 2008 and 2010 and Whit has podium finishes the Ouray Ice Festival, and both of the Magro brothers have first ascents under their belts, or harnesses. Recently, they joined up with other Bozeman climbers and headed out to the Infinity Line in the Bear Tooths.

After 12 years of development on this remote wall in the Bear Tooths there are dozens of routes, but only a few cherry lines remain for plucking. This one had been eyed and thought about by many of the climbers who frequent this remote region, but due to the mind-numbing rapids, this section of the wall was only accessible in winter during low water.

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Setting the Pace: SCARPA’s Moraine Mid GTX moves out front.

Jul. 19th 2012

Women's Moraine Mid GTX

The moment we leave the trailhead we set a pace. It changes as we go up, as we go down, how far we venture, and for how long. It pays to have the proper shoes working in concert with whatever pace we set. With backpacking season coming into full stride this coming August and September SCARPA gives a welcomed nod to their streamlined utility light hiker, the Moraine Mid GTX.

A deft synthetic boot that’s light and nimble for an hour-long outing, but built intelligibly to handle the rigors of a week-long backcountry march, the Moraine Mid GTX is SCARPA’s sophisticated interpretation stealth and strength.

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Dan Bolster: A new perspective on an old game

Jul. 17th 2012

Salathe Route, El Cap, 1981. Photo by John Borstelmann

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The Man with a Vision: Q&A with adventurer Eric Weihenmayer

Jul. 12th 2012

Photo by: Hans Florine

Eric Weihenmayer might be blind but he knows where he’s going. The SCARPA athlete, author and motivational speaker has been a busy man. Taking a disability and turning it into virtue has taken him adventuring all around the world, and he’s now leading others to do the same. On the road much of the time, his schedule is rife with speaking engagements or planning his next opus with Soldiers to Summit, an outreach program for disabled vets. We were able to get him on the phone for a hot second to talk about the current state of Weihenmayer affairs.

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Well Worn: Considerations for resoling rock shoes from Shingo Ohkawa

Jul. 10th 2012

Shingo Ohkawa is a SCARPA ambassador based in Salt Lake City, and – in his own words – he’s also “a part-time gear shop guy, a full-time climber-dirtbag, and I also backcountry ski a good bit in winter.” Shingo’s also an all-around great guy, and someone who’ll keep you entertained for hours if you happen to run into him at a crag. Originally from the East Coast, Shingo relocated to Salt Lake City several years ago to live nearer the mountains and pursue the climbing life. And, he does just that. When he’s not working behind the counter at International Mountain Equipment, Shingo logs many, many hours opening new routes on alpine granite, “the further away and the more involved to get to, the better.” That makes him a perfect person to weigh in on when and how to resole your climbing shoes. The following post is repurposed thanks to Shingo from his blog (

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SCARPA Sponsors OuterLocal Games in Jackson, Wyoming this weekend

Jul. 3rd 2012

The Outerlocal Summer Games in Jackson are heating up right along with the weather in Wyoming. Taking place this weekend, on Saturday July 7, the first-inaugural OuterLocal games will take place at the newly constructed Teton Boulder Park at the base of Snow King Mountain – the unofficial in-town activity center in Jackson Hole. On any given day in the summer, you’ll see climbers (at the Boulder Park), hikers, runners, mountain bikers and paragliders, and perhaps the occasional unicyclist.

So, in honor of all you can do on Snow King, the OuterLocal games will include competitive events in bouldering, mountain biking, paragliding and trail running (sorry unicyclists), and there will also be some 20 free clinics throughout the day.

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