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4 Weeks of SCARPA Facebook contests start this week

Nov. 29th 2012

‘Tis the season of giving and SCARPA is feeling especially generous this year. Over the next four weeks, SCARPA is hosting four product giveaways on our Facebook page. Simply head over to and click “Like” to unlock your entry.

Starting this week on Monday, November 26, a new contest will begin each Monday until December 17, for lucky fans who will win trail shoes, climbing shoes, ice climbing boots or ski boots from SCARPA.

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Footsteps: Life Unbound Episode 1, Season 2

Nov. 28th 2012

Nothing gets skiers more excited than early season snowfall and SCARPA ski athletes Shaun Raskin and Weston D were no exception. Eager to get out and film the second season of Life Unbound (and test the powder conditions) in Utah a few weeks ago, they hiked at just about every ski resort in the Salt Lake area. Skiing in the SCARPA T-Race boots, Shaun and Weston found some amazing powder stashes along the way.

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SCARPA Retailer Shout Outs: Mammoth Mountaineering Supply

Nov. 20th 2012

Sixteen years ago Dave Talsky was the proprietor of a rock gym in Mammoth, California. At that time the local climbing shop was selling gear only during summer months—what they considered climbing season. When the shop switched over to winter enthusiasms, they shelved rock shoes for skis, and there was no place for climbers to acquire gear. Dave did a little math and started selling climbing equipment to his customers, climbers who kept it going throughout the year. As the retail side of the gym started outdistancing the gym income, Dave went all in with retail, and in 1996 Mammoth Mountaineering was born.

“The number one thing we are known for would be our status as a committed mountain shop,” says store manager Jon Crowley. “We have all the best product from small unknown manufacturers, as well as the from the big name brands.”

He’s not kidding. The shop itself is swollen with product. Much to the chagrin of employees, Dave packs his store with as much product as possible to ensure customers that they have what they’re looking for. “It’s jam packed with gear,” says Crowley. “There’s stuff hanging from the ceiling, and in corners you wouldn’t think existed.” For the record, Mammoth Mountaineering is the only shop in town to cover all aspects of backcountry skiing and mountaineering.

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SCARPA’s packing up for the Bozeman Ice Climbing festival

Nov. 16th 2012

Photo by Ari Novak

Ice climbing season is upon us and the time to celebrate is December 5-9 at the Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival, where a crew from SCARPA will be headed in a couple weeks. In its 16th year (started in 1996), the Bozeman Ice Fest will take place in the famous ice and mixed climbing mecca Hyalite Canyon, outside of Bozeman, Montana.

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The Aliens: The future of light-and-fast skiing is here

Nov. 13th 2012

The future of light-and-fast backcountry skiing is staring us in the eyes. And, it’s green.

SCARPA Alien 1.0

The Alien and Alien 1.0 create intelligent performance born from rando race ergonomics and minimalist aesthetics for an aggressive but efficient touring boot that’ll hold their own in any rando comp or for reaching that distant peak.

The Alien looks like a cross between Dr. Seuss and the Matrix. By implementing a pull-cord into a state-of-the-art design for a stripped down, smart and efficient ski/walk feature, SCARPA has demonstrated that simple and clever work well together. Removing the bottom buckle with a quick-acting Boa® closure system shaves weight and bulk but retains a formable scaffo (bottom shell) that can hug the foot for control and still provide maximum comfort for long days on the hill.

For maximum strength-to-weight ratio, the race-ready 1.0 uses SCARPA’s Carbon Core Technology, surrounding the lower foot in carbon fiber for rigidity and power-to-ski-edge transfer, and then molding that carbon fiber inside the polyamide shell. For the more mountain-spirited speed tourer or the recreational randonee racer, the standard Alien boasts a polyamide cuff that’s a little more forgiving, and adds a scant 7oz to the overall picture. Both boots have a single-throw ski/walk mode closure system, which firmly locks the boot for downhill in one singular motion.

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Fast Times from SLC: Keeping up with the Dorais Brothers.

Nov. 8th 2012

Dynamic Duo is a silly term used to describe grown men in tights. Yet it’s strangely appropriate for the brothers Dorais, Jason and Andrew, two midwesterners who’ve somehow transformed into speedfreak ski mountaineers based in Salt Lake City, who scale and descend peaks in record time, most often under the cover of night. By day, they’re both doctors, who are currently living out their residencies in emergency medicine. For the record, Andy is almost two years the senior, though they might as well be fraternal twins. While most of us speak in terms of days off, they converse in hours. If they have a few off, they’ll ski a peak in the morning before work; if they have 24 hours, they’ll drive to Wyoming and ski the Grand Teton. A whopping 48 hours gives them plenty of time to drive west and tag a little peak called Rainier. So how did this all come about? Let’s read on.

You’re midwestern boys. How did you get into climbing and skiing? What about them have such allure for you?
JASON: I remember our dad telling us stories about his climbing days in the Tetons back in the 70’s. He had a bunch of old slides and would give us slide shows every once in a while. We always loved it. Apart from the stories, he made a point of taking us out any chance he got. We never lived in a mountainous region but would take extended summer vacations every year to either the Pacific Northwest or New Hampshire. Wherever we were he would drag us up the local classic peaks. He always made us feel like we had accomplished something big and noteworthy. I think that was the start.

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Three states, three events: Rob Pizem’s fall climbing report

Nov. 6th 2012

Rob Pizem takes his role as a climbing ambassador and SCARPA athlete seriously. Pizem spends as much time on rock as possible in between teaching high school science and  raising a family. This fall, he went on a whirlwind tour to three climbing festivals in Idaho, Oregon and California, teaching clinics, giving talks and learning more about his favorite sport.

What did the American Alpine Club’s Smith Rock Craggin’ Classic, the International Climbers Meet (ICM) in Yosemite National Park, and the Idaho Mountain Festival all have in common this year? You guessed it, me: Rob Pizem… and climbing.

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Dorais brothers share pre-season training program

Nov. 1st 2012

Pioneering a new adventure run above SLC - Summit Ridge of Lone Peak, Utah

Jason and Andy Dorais have been racing each other up mountains since they were 5 and 6 years old. They grew up in Indiana, but took frequent family trips to New England and the Intermountain West. Perhaps they were inspired by tales of their father’s mountaineering or perhaps simply by the mountains themselves. Either way, they have pushed the envelope for “fast and light” ski mountaineering, setting speed records on peaks across in the Tetons, Wasatch and Cascade ranges. SCARPA is proud to have them on the athlete team!

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