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Run To Feel Alive

Aug. 31st 2017

unnamedAnswering Jeff’s Question:

“Why do we bother doing this?” In the last 5,000 foot climb of the Ouray 50 mile run, Jeff Stephens, my pacer, asked me this question. It was two o’clock in the morning and we had just embarked on the final ten miles of the race. “There is no grand enlightenment waiting at the end so what is it that attracts us to this?” he continued.

Our 50 Mile Ultra Race
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Hiking, Running, and Approaching – Which Shoe Do I Wear for What?

Aug. 25th 2017


Hiking a mountain, running a trail, approaching a climb—these activities seem pretty similar, right? The
thought of needing a different shoe for each one sounds crazy, until you picture this scenario…
Your feet are slipping out from under you, all control of your upward motion is gone and no matter how
hard you press your toenails into the sole of your shoe, nothing will stop you from sliding down the rock.
You are now on all fours, attempting to use your fingertips to grip the granite beneath you, but to no
avail. Keeping up with your crew? Consider that out of the question, thanks to your poor footwear
choice for today’s approach.

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Building Anchors and Placing Gear; How To Do It Right.

Aug. 17th 2017

What is the best way to get good at building anchors and placing gear?

Building Anchors

This is the most asked question that I get when I am teaching climbers at climbing festivals.
Here is what I tell my clients.

1. Know your rack. This means that you should (with practice) be able to eye a crack or placement up and be able to grab the proper piece of gear to place on the first try. This also means that you should have a system for placing your gear on your harness or shoulder sling (or combination) that you can visualize while blindfolded. If you struggle with the sizes and grab the incorrect pieces it can and will slow you down, pump you up and make the entire climb feel much more difficult than it actually is.

Building Anchors
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