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The Calm Before The Run – Dawn Patrol

Sep. 25th 2017

I’m woken by the violent buzzing of Nick’s alarm. He has his phone set to the “old phone” ringtone, which in my 4am stupor feels like a minor explosion to my head.

The strident sound is accompanied by his phone vibrating on the plastic lining of my truck bed and an abrupt sit-up from Nick to end the aggression. I comment in a not-so-zen manner about the onslaught, to which Nick replies in his usual matter-of-fact way: “Well, we have to get up.”


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Access Fund Annual Summit – The Breakdown

Sep. 14th 2017

As you click through the prompts when buying a pair of Scarpa shoes online you are asked if you would like to donate to the Access Fund. You may wonder what value this has…Myself, Jimmy Keithley, and my family headed to Oakland, CA this past weekend for the Access Fund Annual Summit and Dinner. Keep on reading to see what we experienced and you will see the importance of such an organization. The weekend consisted of workshops that focused on various issues affecting climbers, as well as a semi formal dinner party focusing on raising funds and highlighting some of those in our community.

access fund copy
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