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40th anniversary ski descent of Grand Teton

Jun. 17th 2011

Ever wondered what it’s like to ski Wyoming’s Grand Teton? As that old saying goes, don’t fall!

Ski and board mountaineering pioneers like Doug Coombs, Hans Johnstone, Mark Newcomb and Stephen Koch are known for their contributions to descents on the mountain, but the original pioneer was unquestionably Bill Briggs.

Two days ago, a group of skiers that include Johnstone, Dan Nordstrom, Martin Volken and Christian Beckwith descended the Stettner Couloir (most people ski the Ford to Chevy these days) on the 40th anniversary to the day of its descent. The Stettner was Brigg’s original line of descent. According to Johnstone, Briggs’ descent is still the one that come the closest to a pure ski descent of the Grand. (That’s saying something, coming from him.)

It’s hard to overstate how impressive that is. 40 years ago, leather boots, 210s, solo …

Scroll on through to the back page for a few visuals on what it’s like ‘skiing on the moon,” as Johnstone calls it. Psyched to see a pair of Maestrales and a pair of Spirit 4s along for the ride …

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