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A Family Affair

Oct. 14th 2010

SCARPA North America athlete Andrew McLean is all about family…The Alaska Family, that is, and tonight he’s going to be giving a presentation on just how committed he’s been.

“The Alaska Family” refers to a set of three peaks, the Denali, Sultana and Mt. Hunter. According to Native American lore, these mountains are the Father (Denali), the Mother (Sultana) and the Child (Hunter). In skiing terms, they represent the highest peak in North America, a peak that has been called “the toughest 14-er in North America,” and a peak with one of the lowest odds of success, respectively. That’s quite the family tree!

Over a span on fourteen years, with ten partners, four attempts, countless storms and some long days in the cold, McLean finally managed to ski off the top of all three of these peaks to complete the AK Family trifecta. It doesn’t get much burlier than that.

And now McLean wants to share his story and his success right in our backyard at the Wilderness Exchange in Denver, so show up tonight at 8 p.m. to hear the down-and-dirty of McLean’s mission, and stick around for a great night of prizes, raffles and snacks.

For more information on McLean, visit his blog at

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