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Back beyond vertical: Meastrale put to the test

Jul. 16th 2010

Yeah, we realize it’s not really ski season anymore, but here in Colorado, ski season can almost be any month of the year. And, hey, we’re starting to ship ski boots to dealers this month, so despite it being trail running, climbing and backpacking season, it’s sorta always ski season around here. At least in the mind’s eye …

With that out of the way, here’s a little post from freelance gear designer extraordinaire David Schipper, who used a pre-production version of SCARPA’s new Meastrale alpine-touring boot (due out here this coming fall) during a ski tour late this spring. The goal of their little outing this past April was skiing 130 miles, with 40,000 vertical feet of climbing and descent, crossing fourteeen Colorado 14,000′ peaks in the process.

So, yeah, good little test for a ski-touring boot.

Anyway, we enjoyed getting some feedback from him on the Meastrale, and he noticed two of the super unique points right away: the huge range of cuff motion this boot has in tour mode (and how far it goes back beyond the vertical point when the cuff is unlocked), and the ease to which the tongue’s unique hinge point allows ease of entry in cold conditions for ski mountaineering.

While we’re internally super psyched on what’s the lightest four-buckle AT boot out there right now, it’s nice to have the feedback from a pro gear designer that you did indeed hit the target.

David’s also got some sweet tips in his post on his strategy for making sure his feet stay warm in camp on multi-day ski tours. Read up: only a couple short months till the snow starts flying!

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