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Beans & Rice Freeride Trailer Drops

Sep. 26th 2013

September 18, 2013 – The first snow of the season fell on the Tetons last night. It glimmers atop Taylor Mountain like the icing on a freshly baked cake. Winter is coming–the season of ski swaps, wood chopping, and ski movie premiers.

Jake Sakson and I will be adding to the ski season hype this fall by releasing a webisode trilogy documenting our season exploring the Tetons. Last year we decided to team up, buy a camera, create a website, and document our take on backcountry freeriding. Full disclosure–neither of us have much experience behind the lens. We were both introduced to backcountry ski filming through skiing with Powderwhore and Sweetgrass Productions, but we were always in front of the camera. It seemed simple enough; find some good snow, good lighting, ski through it and catch it on camera. Hit repeat and BAM! You have a ski movie.

As you probably know there is a bit more to it than that. During our first day of filming we used an auto focus setting and missed all but one shot. It was clear we had a lot to learn.

Our friend Luke Lubchenco helped us figure out the basics of our camera and with plenty trial and error we started to get some decent shots. From there, we mushed around the Tetons in our T-Races trying to capture the art of backcountry freeheeling. We quickly came up with enough footage for an edit, but we knew little about video editing. Fortunately, Jake’s good friend, Fred Norquist of Substantial Media House was willing to help. We shipped him our footage and he put together our first edit which we released on our website last January. From there we took our edit to the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City where we were able to gain some help from our sponsors to produce a webisode series and POOF, we were committed.

The result of our hard work, the Beans and Rice trilogy (a free, online webisode series), aims to depict our experience skiing and filming in the Teton backcountry without the aid of big budgets, helicopters, and snow machines. It reveals the beauty, challenge, freedom and pure fun found deep in the mountains with good friends. We owe a huge thanks to our friends, family, and sponsors for supporting and encouraging us through the process!

To see the trilogy and learn more about Beans and Rice Freeride go to our website

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