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What Makes a Great Climbing Trip?

Apr. 12th 2016

Good friends, classic problems, and a relative lack of real-world responsibility: Bouldering trips are hard to beat. When several members of our Southeast grassroots team, Michael Rosato (@mikerosay), Al Smith, Keith Share (@sharekeith), Dan Horne, Billy Brown (@southernsteeze), Eric Eigner, and Kaitlyn Honnold (@khonnold), got together in Red Rock, Nevada, over New Year’s 2016, they worked about every problem they could get their hands on and put together a pretty sweet little edit of their trip. We asked the crew a few questions about their experience in one of America’s premiere climbing destinations. Here’s what they had to say.

Michael Rosato works Monkey Bar Direct (V8).

Michael Rosato works Monkey Bar Direct (V8).

Favorite part about climbing in Red Rock?

My favorite part about this trip to Red Rock was realizing how much more bouldering could be done that I expected. I’m really excited to do another trip and check out more new climbs. –Keith Share

In addition to the sick holds and huge boulders, the atmosphere is incredible. You wind up covering a lot of striking terrain when you’re moving in and around the canyons. That particular part of the desert is beautiful. – Al Smith

It’s the total package for the all-around climber. Where else in the world can you access world-class bouldering, single and multi-pitch sport and trad, and endless potential for new-routing. Oh, and did I mention the food?! – Billy Brown

It is quite difficult for me to pinpoint one aspect of climbing in Red Rock and call it my favorite. The infinite potential across all the climbing disciplines, the stunning lines, the desert ecology, and the massive mountain landscapes are beautiful beyond words. – Eric Eigner

A␥B from Michael Rosato on Vimeo.

Favorite problem/route and why?

Jabberwocky (V9) because it was a great session with everyone working together to figure it out. One of my favorite parts of climbing is randomly running into friends, which also happened at that boulder. – Keith Share

Jabberwocky (v9). It’s on a huge cube all by itself on top of the hill. It’s a powerful and gymnastic romp on perfect holds. – Al Smith

The Abstraction (V8). It’s subtle, technical routes or problems like The Abstraction that I find to be the most fulfilling climbs. When you execute it perfectly, that effortless feeling is intoxicating. – Billy Brown

The Angel Dyno (V6/8) was most definitely my favorite of the trip. The historical significance alone makes it a must do. The rock quality, position, and perfect angle describes why this was climbed before crash pads and technical climbing shoes. – Eric Eigner

Why do you like climbing with this crew?

I didn’t know most of the people before the trip. It’s amazing how quickly you become friends with people when you spend all day, every day with them. My favorite part about climbing with the SCARPA southeast team was that someone was always making a joke or being sarcastic. It made for a fun and light hearted trip. – Keith Share

Nobody on the crew is too serious, but it’s obvious that everyone cares about their climbing a lot. The result is an easy going crew of hilarious crushers that wanted to have some FUN. In many ways, the days out felt as jovial and refreshing as my earliest climbing trips, only the boulders got harder and cooler. – Al Smith

We all bring something different to the mix. Some of these guys I grew up climbing with and others I had never met. I did more bouldering this trip than I had in the past 2 years. Mike hiked 2.5 hours to the base of a multi-pitch, and Al and Dan provided endless comedy. This crew makes you step out of your comfort zone and I loved that. – Billy Brown

I greatly enjoy climbing with this crew because we share a great level of enthusiasm, strength, consideration, respect for each other, and humor that allows us to get things done while juicing the most fun out of the out of the process. – Eric Eigner

Michael Rosato on Mr. Moran (V7). Photo: Keith Share

Michael Rosato on Mr. Moran (V7). Photo: Keith Share

Favorite moment/experience off the rock?

When Dan purposely changed his clothes every day to match Eric without him knowing until we got to the crag. – Keith Share

There was this moment when we hit a HUGE pothole on a 4×4 road at 30mph. The 4 of us sitting in the back of the bus hit the ceiling really hard. I wouldn’t call that moment fun, but in hindsight, it was pretty funny. We slowed down after that. – Al Smith

The diversity within the group is really special. Climbing isn’t the only focus within our lives. Kaitlyn and Al are graphic designers, Eric is a chemist, Dan is a carpenter, Keith is pursuing a PhD in materials engineering, Mike’s an exceptional photographer with a master’s in English, and I’m getting my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. They all have something else they are passionate about other than climbing and are infectious people to be around. I’m lucky to be associated with such an exceptionally sound, psyched crew. – Billy Brown

My favorite experience off the rock was the adventure Mike and I had to Levitation 29 and the mishap with the drone. It was rad to watch that thing flying through the valley but landing it got a bit weird. Nobody lost a finger and my coat is still in action with the help of a little duct tape. – Eric Eigner

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