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Bozeman Based Scarpa Athletes Finish a New Line.

Jul. 24th 2012

Infinity Line indicated in red

Sam and Whit Magro are Montana-based climbers and guides. Their climbing resumes are impressive and their passion for the sport is infectious. Sam was the winner of two Mugs Stump Awards in 2008 and 2010 and Whit has podium finishes the Ouray Ice Festival, and both of the Magro brothers have first ascents under their belts, or harnesses. Recently, they joined up with other Bozeman climbers and headed out to the Infinity Line in the Bear Tooths.

After 12 years of development on this remote wall in the Bear Tooths there are dozens of routes, but only a few cherry lines remain for plucking. This one had been eyed and thought about by many of the climbers who frequent this remote region, but due to the mind-numbing rapids, this section of the wall was only accessible in winter during low water.

In early March of 2011 Whit took one for the team and built a tyrolean across the river so we could gain access during the rock climbing season. That May, Whit, Matt Wells and myself crossed the tyro to start up this magnificent section of Granite we had already dubbed “The Infinity Line.” The idea was to follow the plum line of crack systems that were guarded by the lower vast sweeping slabs that eventually lead to the slightly overhanging second half of the wall. By the nature of the walls (and somewhat by the ethics) all routes down here are established ground up, which makes for time consuming leads, especially amidst a sea of crackles slabs. After more than a year of effort Whit and I topped out on The Infinity Line this June. The Infinity Line continues to live up to its name, and our next efforts will go toward free climbing the six pitch rock climb once it cools off a bit. At this point only two pitches have seen a red point and the route currently can be climbed at 5.12, A1 (5.12+??).  All summed up we placed around 25 bolts on lead over the entire 1,000’ route (not including the anchors).

In the end the Infinity Line was a huge group effort from the Bozeman based crew. A shout out to all those involved. Nate Opp, who is currently going ground up in Pakistan with Josh Wharton on his 4th attempt for Latok 1; Pat Wolfe, whose calm demeanor makes him the godfather of the area; Matt Wells, the young gun of the area; Tim Seiple; the doctor of all that grows in the alpine; and the two of us Magros.

Rappelling to the canyon floor

Establishing the lower slap pitches, with the overhanging upper headwall looming above

Establishing pitch 2 on lead (5.12 a/b)

Packing out after our first day on the wall

Gear to bolts on pitch 4 (the start of the overhanging headwall)

Lines fixed on pitch 4

Crossing the tyro at high water!

Adding and bolting pitch 6 (5.12 a-c???)

Rapping back down to the river bottom after finishing the route

Hauling all the gear back across the river and out

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