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15 Years and Counting – Annual Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival Coming into Shape

Oct. 25th 2011

Bozeman Ice FestivalThis coming December 7-11th, The Bozeman Ice Festival will be holding its 15th annual event in the beautiful Hyalite Canyon of Montana. Since 1996 climbers of all abilities have flocked to Hyalite to discuss technique, check out new gear, learn about the sport, and share in the camaraderie of ascending frozen water. Each year the event draws world-class athletes and guides from around the globe to educate, mentor and clinic burgeoning and passionate ice climbers about the necessary skills and safety techniques, the latest tools, and craft of the sport. As a sponsor for the event, SCARPA is pleased to help share in promoting and preserving the Hyalite Canyon’s ever-growing ice climbing heritage.

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Video Report: U.S. Ski Mountaineering Championships in Jackson Hole

Jan. 12th 2011

What is it about skiing…

What is it about skiing that drives us waaaay beyond that which would normally qualify as Best Practice, and what conventional wisdom would call reasonable.

We could all just rock comfy Bogner one-pieces while stem christie-ing perfect corduroy and act, like, civilized. But, no. That would be far too easy. Skiing’s siren song dares us to enter into some of the most dangerous environments and unreasonable situations imaginable…in skin suits. And we accept, willingly. In fact, we pay money for it.

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The winners just keep coming…

Oct. 22nd 2010

Well, the results are in on the next round of contest winners, and SCARPA would like to again thank all those who participated. We love hearing from you and seeing our customers in action. It’s why we do what we do. And today we want to congratulate (and gear out) two more winners.

Elyse Lemieux won the newsletter signup contest and will recieve a pair of Raptor trail running shoes and a SCARPA t-shirt. Kirby VanVleet is the winner of our registered users contest, and he is getting a pair of Kailash GTX, a pair of Mojitos and a SCARPA t-shirt.

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SCARPA announces web-site launch contest winners … and stay tuned for more

Oct. 21st 2010

It’s always fun to give away outdoor gear, and we’re psyched to stoke out of a few of our loyal SCARPA customers this week, following a few contests we ran during the launch of our new SCARPA North America web site last and the early part of this month.

Congrats to Byron Murray, who won the review portion of the contest for his review on the SCARPA site of the Techno rock shoes. He earns a $150 credit for product with SCARPA.

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