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VertFest 2013: a Festival of Freeride and Mountain Mettle

Feb. 14th 2013

Is cabin fever gettin’ you down? Then break out of your slump and keep the winter stoke going by heading to Alpental, Washington for the 7th annual Vertfest, sponsored in part by SCARPA North America.

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Ouray Ice Festival Recap Part 1: Sam Elias

Jan. 30th 2013

The Ouray Ice Festival took place January 10-13 in Ouray, Colorado. SCARPA athlete, Sam Elias, participated in the festival competition this year wearing the SCARPA Phantom Guides. Elias shared a few thoughts on competing and his experience at the festival.

The Ouray Ice Festival is the largest ice climbing event in North America. It is also the busiest few days of the winter for the small mountain town in southwestern Colorado. I love the town, and the festival is one of my favorite climbing events to be a part of. My first experience at the festival was for the difficulty competition, and it has been a source of sweetness and suffering for me ever since. In 2008, it was my second season ice and winter mixed climbing. It was incidentally my first climbing competition ever. I took 16th, and didn’t qualify for the finals. I had no expectations or thoughts about how I should do, and it was fun, but I knew I was strong and could be good at it. In 2009, I was not invited to compete. Unlike 2008, in 2009 there was no qualifier, only a final. So, you were either invited into the final, or not. I was still inexperienced and unaccomplished. I was invited into the final in 2010, and I had a very memorable performance. I ended up topping the route in a diving, buzzer beating finish with only 2 seconds left on the clock.

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Triple Crown Bouldering Series 2012 Wrap Up

Dec. 13th 2012

Triple Crown Bouldering Series 2012 Wrap-up.

Written by Seth Bentley
Photos by Michael Rosato

First Leg–Hound Ears
It was a cool morning when competitors for the Hound Ears leg of the 2012 Triple Crown rustled out of their tents brimming with excitement, anticipation, and the occasional case of van envy. Gathering in the field, crashpads were quickly loaded as everyone is fully aware that this is their only day of the year to take advantage of the amazing Hound Ears boulders.

Meanwhile, two of the newest members of the Southeast SCARPA Grassroots Team, Mike Rosato and Seth Bentley, began frantically cramming demo gear into Mike’s already packed up Tahoe. Mike being in the midst of a week long bouldering excursion had, in true car camping style, forgotten none of the comforts of home and left little room for demo shoes. Nevertheless they set off to the Hound Ears boulders proudly bearing a nice run of SCARPA demo shoes up to the boulder field. On a slight detour, the two proudly wore the shoes all around the Hound Ears neighborhood, because it turns out Mike’s three previous seasons of competing in Hound Ears where not enough to instill the directions in his memory. At least he’s a strong climber.

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2012 Wasatch Citizen Ski Mountaineering Races

Dec. 6th 2012

Andy and Jason Dorais, two of SCARPA’s ski athletes, started an informal (and free) Skimo race series at Brighton Ski Resort last winter and the event took off. SCAPRA and Ski Trab are sponsoring the 10 races in the series this year. The course will be marked this year with SCARPA pin flags and a demo fleet of Trab skis will be unveiled at the next race. We are proud to be supporting the Dorais brothers and this incredible community race event.

Ski mountaineering is the practice of applying skis to move efficiently through the mountains, often in technical terrain. More skiing equals more fun, and by training fitness and using proper gear we are able to do just that. Cue Ski Mountaineering racing, which is fun, prepares us for bigger objectives, satisfies our competitive nature, and has led to many lasting friendships.

Ski mountaineering races are an odd spectacle. Many of the participants are clad in lycra and adorned in various amounts of carbon fiber. The skis are short and skinny and milling about the starting line, everyone appears twitchy. That is because once the race begins a painful blend of aerobic fitness and technical skills will take the racers typically over 5,000 vertical feet in the span of around 2 hours.

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SCARPA’s packing up for the Bozeman Ice Climbing festival

Nov. 16th 2012

Photo by Ari Novak

Ice climbing season is upon us and the time to celebrate is December 5-9 at the Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival, where a crew from SCARPA will be headed in a couple weeks. In its 16th year (started in 1996), the Bozeman Ice Fest will take place in the famous ice and mixed climbing mecca Hyalite Canyon, outside of Bozeman, Montana.

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Three states, three events: Rob Pizem’s fall climbing report

Nov. 6th 2012

Rob Pizem takes his role as a climbing ambassador and SCARPA athlete seriously. Pizem spends as much time on rock as possible in between teaching high school science and  raising a family. This fall, he went on a whirlwind tour to three climbing festivals in Idaho, Oregon and California, teaching clinics, giving talks and learning more about his favorite sport.

What did the American Alpine Club’s Smith Rock Craggin’ Classic, the International Climbers Meet (ICM) in Yosemite National Park, and the Idaho Mountain Festival all have in common this year? You guessed it, me: Rob Pizem… and climbing.

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October 2012 SCARPA Retailer: Pack Rat

Oct. 18th 2012

For anyone living out their dreams in the Ozarks of northwest Arkansas, Pack Rat Outdoor Shop has been the stronghold of gear and service for almost four decades. In 1973 Scott and Carolyn Crook didn’t have a resource for paddling gear, so they decided to start their own shop to provide quality goods to their area. Since then, they’ve grown to celebrate all sorts of adventure sports that live in the Arkansas hills and rivers. This coming spring Pack Rat will be commemorating its 40th anniversary.

The shop sees little turnover in staff. Many of the current employees have been working at Pack Rat for over a decade—no small affair given the natural recycling that’s associated with college towns throughout the American landscape. So, why Pack Rat?

“The Crooks are great people, and are a pleasure to work for,” says manager Rick Spicer, who’s been with them for thirteen years. “Plus, they’ve always allowed me to take off as much time as I could afford to take, which has been invaluable.”

Pack Rat has made a practice of teaching its employees how to sell something, but more importantly, why to sell a particular product to a specific customer. It’s not just about moving product. “We want to sell good experiences,” says Spicer. Creating relationships and selling products that they can get behind makes the experience better for everyone. Luckily, it’s no stretch to get employees to gush about products they love—and get to use on a regular basis.

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Rocktoberfest 2012 Recap: Final check written for PMRP acquisition

Oct. 16th 2012

Last week SCARPA was a proud sponsor of one of the most important Rocktoberfests in recent memory. This year marked the final payment for the PMRP, a very popular destination in the Red River Gorge. The final giant sized check was handed over and The 23 String Band played all night to dance away whatever energy was left from a long day of climbing on Saturday night. But before all this went down, there was an amazing dinner served, a crate stacking contest and an arm wrestling contest to boot! It was a busy evening for all involved.

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SCARPA to sponsor Rocktoberfest, celebration of SE climbing

Sep. 25th 2012

The much-anticipated 12th annual Rocktoberfest takes place this year October 5-7 and the weekend-long climbing celebration and fundraiser is expected to be bigger and better than ever. New this year, SCARPA has signed on as a sponsor of the event, hosted by the Red River Gorge Climbers’ Coalition.

Rocktoberfest began as a way to raise money to build trails and get people to become active members of the RRGCC. Twelve years later the organization is ready to make the final purchase on a historic piece of property that will ensure climbing access in the area. All proceeds from Rocktoberfest will go towards supporting RRGCC and preserving land in the Red River Gorge for future generations of climbers to enjoy. A worthy cause and celebration indeed.

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SCARPA signs on as title sponsor of Park City’s Mid Mountain Marathon

Aug. 17th 2012

Long distance trail runners who have been training all summer will see their efforts pay off on September 8 in Park City, when they compete in the Mid Mountain Marathon presented by SCARPA. As avid runners, mountain-lovers and makers of trail running shoes, SCARPA is psyched to sign on as the title sponsor of the Mid Mountain Marathon in conjunction with the Mountain Trails Foundation and Snyderville Basin Recreation.

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