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Catching up with…Polar Explorer and Climate Change Champion Eric Larsen

Feb. 24th 2011

This last November SCARPA athlete and polar explorer Eric Larsen completed his Save the Poles expedition – and epic trip involving reaching both the North and South Pole and the summit of Mount Everest in a calendar year to raise awareness of Global Warming.

He placed himself in the some of the world’s most remote, and otherwise most inhospitable environments to show why they’re worth saving. Through his efforts he’s garnered attention on the world stage. Now, months after his journey, we got him to answer a few questions about what it means to realize a major life goal.

Q – You’ve successfully completed the expedition. You’ve been interviewed and celebrated in the media. Was it what you expected? Do you feel you drew the kind of attention you sought for regarding global warming?

EL – Honestly, I expected I would be able to promote more climate change initiatives—solutions to the problem of global warming. Instead I spend a lot of my time simply verifying that, yes, these places are indeed melting. I had substantial media coverage, but there is definitely more I can do. This story isn’t finished yet.

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deep in pow or warm winter bouldering… SCARPA’s team is getting after it

Feb. 9th 2011

Vicariously experience the professional athlete/world traveler adventure life through our climbing and ski teams’ weekly trip reports.

SCARPA tele ripper, Chris Erikson, sends in proof that he is, indeed, working hard with this mini-trip report from his shoot for PowderWhore’s Television.

Adam U returns from an exploration of Japan with this trip report: “Every local we talked to told us that conditions like we had were ‘normal.’ We hope to put their word to the test by returning next year for a month. Until then, enjoy!”

Winter 10/11 Episode 5: Made in Japan! from Bird Robot on Vimeo.

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The SCARPA Team Winter Travelogue

Jan. 24th 2011

Will Gadd has returned to Helmcken Falls with Tim Emmett and continues to explore how, exactly, to perhaps climb the bizarre ice formations that he and Tim discovered last year. As Will reports, “So far the climbing has consisted of super technical radically overhanging ice action to just get a line of gear out the cave. Yeah, CAVE!”

Gordon McArthur is currently touring Europe competing in ice climbing world cup competitions as part of the Canadian team, but sent us this video of a new project he is working on in the Bull River Gorge, B.C., Canada, called El Matador.

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SCARPA shod Gadd grabs Climbing Mag’s Golden Piton (Ice) for Spray On (WI10)

Jan. 14th 2011

Climbing Magazine recognized Will Gadd and Tim Emmett’s crazy unique Spray On route, which they discovered behind the 463 -foot-high Helmcken Falls in British Columbia, Canada last winter, with the magazine’s prestigious Golden Piton award in the Ice category.

Revisiting Will’s report on the discovery and subsequent adventure of what he calls the coolest, steepest and hardest ice route he’s ever climbed still brings chills of excitement.

For a better sense of the unique route, check out Tim’s video below. Congrats to Tim and Will for the recognition.

Helmcken Falls from Tim Emmett on Vimeo.

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Red Rock Rendezvous Registration is Now Open

Jan. 11th 2011

Registration is now open for the annual spring climbing pilgrimage known as the Red Rock Rendezvous. presented by Mountain Hundreds of climbers and dozens of manufacturers will converge on the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area for the weekend (March 18-20.)

Located about 15 miles west of Las Vegas, Nevada the RRCNS provides easy access to more than 1700 different climbing routes. The Red Rock Rendezvous attracts every level of climber, from newbie to expert, to learn and hone new skills, get the download on the latest gear, meet the pros, and celebrate climbing while enjoying the sun and red sandstone cliffs.

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TR: Raphael Slawinski and Jashua Lavigne on Sir Douglas NW face

Dec. 2nd 2010

The beta according to
“Mount Sir Douglas is one of the most aesthetic mountains in the heart of the southern Canadian Rockies. It is located on the continental divide, split evenly between British Columbia (BC) and Alberta. Its summit actually straddles three parks, Banff National Park, Peter Lougheed Provincial Park and Height of the Rockies Provincial Park. Belonging to the 11,000’+ group, it ranks high on technical objective lists along with Assiniboine and Joffre in the southern Canadian Rockies. However, Sir Douglas is not as popular due to significant rock fall hazard on the routes.

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A Family Affair

Oct. 14th 2010

SCARPA North America athlete Andrew McLean is all about family…The Alaska Family, that is, and tonight he’s going to be giving a presentation on just how committed he’s been.

“The Alaska Family” refers to a set of three peaks, the Denali, Sultana and Mt. Hunter. According to Native American lore, these mountains are the Father (Denali), the Mother (Sultana) and the Child (Hunter). In skiing terms, they represent the highest peak in North America, a peak that has been called “the toughest 14-er in North America,” and a peak with one of the lowest odds of success, respectively. That’s quite the family tree!

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Full-conditions climbing: ‘Everyone else just got better-looking’

Jul. 21st 2010

Sizzling summer temps and quiet blue skies provide the ideal backdrop when climbing the Grand Teton in Wyoming. The Exum Ridge, a trademark route, gets climbed ad nauseam because of its aesthetic, scenic nature and airy exposure. Parties often tackle the route in a long day. Guides solo the upper Ridge, short-roping clients through the exposed 5th class terrain, arriving at the summit in customary good form.

However, it’s a completely different story when Old Man Winter perks up – which went well into what most consider summer months this year. Seven thousand feet separate the valley floor from the spikey crown of the Teton Range. Late Spring storms and huge temperature gradients paint the upper stretches of the mountain in snow, ice and rime that often linger until mid-July—a full-meal-deal for mountaineers.

I climbed the upper route a few weeks ago with a friend who’s a much more experienced winter climber, which is good for me because … well …  he’ll lead the hard pitches and I get the added value of learning how better to negotiate technical terrain in its winterized state of affairs. At the time of our climb, one guiding service forbid its guides from taking clients up the Exum Ridge because of conditions.

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Back beyond vertical: Meastrale put to the test

Jul. 16th 2010

Yeah, we realize it’s not really ski season anymore, but here in Colorado, ski season can almost be any month of the year. And, hey, we’re starting to ship ski boots to dealers this month, so despite it being trail running, climbing and backpacking season, it’s sorta always ski season around here. At least in the mind’s eye …

With that out of the way, here’s a little post from freelance gear designer extraordinaire David Schipper, who used a pre-production version of SCARPA’s new Meastrale alpine-touring boot (due out here this coming fall) during a ski tour late this spring. The goal of their little outing this past April was skiing 130 miles, with 40,000 vertical feet of climbing and descent, crossing fourteeen Colorado 14,000′ peaks in the process.

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