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Cuba Libre, A Climber’s Paradise

Jan. 15th 2018

Cueva Yarobis Rock Climb in Cuba

In a land where the rhythm of life can flow like a sultry Salsa or the creep of a snail, words like ‘authentic’ and ‘unique’ fail to capture the essence of what’s really happening. It’s true though, that in 2018, Cuba is one of the most distinct places you’ll ever visit. With a rough history scarred by colonialism, revolution and a failed Communist ideal, Cuba continues to roll up it’s sleeves and plow onward.

For climbers, Cuba is a hidden paradise. Don’t believe everything you hear about this place, rumours regarding the difficulty of access are all unfounded. It’s easy to get here, you don’t have to sneak around guards to get to the crags, people are friendly and oh yeah, the climbing is superb!

Vinales, is the de facto hub for Cuban climbing. With a winter climate similar to Florida, rainproof cliffs, and pedestrian or equestrian approaches, a climbing getaway here is as sweet as they come. Do your homework before you arrive, things like 3G, potable tap
water and gummy bears don’t exist.

It may not have all the comforts of home, but with a willingness to make due with a little less, you’ll be rewarded with limestone comparable in quantity and quality to Thailand. Cuba, though is more than just about the great climbing, the gracious locals are as endearing as the enchanted landscape, both of which you won’t soon forget.

Palenque in Cuba

Psycho Driller Rock Climbing Route in Cuba

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