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Eric Larsen heads for ‘third pole’

Aug. 11th 2010

Reaching the North and South Poles and the Summit of Everest would be three incredible feats for one person. Doing them in the span of one year would be measures more impressive.

That’s the goal that Eric Larson has set for himself in 2010, and while it’s a story that you’ve likely heard about (getting good media coverage out there, including this piece in the New York Times), here’s an update on Outside Magazine’s web site from climber Alan Arnette. Eric’s reached both poles so far this year and this fall will be setting out to try to summit Everest, a different beast entirely than contending with polar bears and long treks day after day on skis (SCARPA built him a custom pair of Phantom 8000s, our high-elevation climbing boot, complete with telemark soles so they’d be compatible with his ski-touring setup).

Why is he doing this? He calls his project Save the Poles, and the goal is to raise awareness about the effect global warming is having on these remote, cold places.

Check back here on SCARPA’s blog this fall for updates on Eric’s attempt on the big E.

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