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Eric Larson hits base camp on quest for ‘third pole’

Sep. 14th 2010

Polar explorer (and sometimes climber) Eric Larson completed his trek to Everest base camp this week, and arrived to find what makes the fall season in some ways the better one in which to attempt the world’s highest peak – only two other teams and roughly 25 people in base camp … as compared to as many as 500 in the spring season.

Arriving in base camp two days ago, he got his first glimpses of the mountain he hopes to climb – the third pole, as he calls it. If you’re not familiar with Eric’s Save the Poles effort, check it out here.

In his most recent post, Larson discusses how melting glaciers are affecting the region around Everest.

Beyond the implications for global warming, his account is striking, because Everest gets so much coverage that even if you’re never been there, you’re sort of are left with the feeling that it can be such a circus that it can’t be that wild of a place. But Eric’s description leaves you with the distinct impression that – as much coverage as it gets – Everest is still – yes – the highest place on earth. And this is a guy who’s gone to both north and south pole, so he does know a thing or two about extreme environments.

As well, the team found good news in that the route through the icefall requires fewer ladders than in the spring.

Keep checking in during coming weeks for updates on Eric’s progress.

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