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Field Report: NTN Demo at 36th Annual North American Telemark Festival (NATO)

Mar. 16th 2011
To: Chris Clark, Field Marshall, SCARPA North America
From: The Franconia Group, New England Represent!
Date: 3/13/11

Event: The 36th Annual North American Telemark Festival, Mad River Glen, Vermont


Windy, overcast with occasional snow squalls and temps warming up to the low 30’s

Snow Conditions:

Very firm, icy even by New England standards.  Rained the day before then hardened up over night.  Conditions were too wet to run the groomers.  Trees were very crusty.


  • Boots: TX Pro and TX Comp and Wmn TX Pro
  • T1, W T1, T Race
  • Skis: Volkl Mantra, Rossi Sick Bird

Field Report:

  • There was a lot of interest in the NTN system.  SCARPA was the only vendor focusing on NTN with a full demo of the system.
  • Lifts started running at 9 and I was out of ski’s to demo by 9:30.  Had to implement a 2 run limit request and still had people waiting to try the system throughout the day.
  • A few of the retailers that had booths set up tried the NTN system and provided very positive feedback.  The retailers were: Outdoor Gear Exchange, Umiak Outfitter, EMS (from the Burlington, VT store)
  • Great response from skiers, most had never tried NTN before.  Most liked the power the systems offered, especially due to the “firm” conditions.
  • People demoing the system from their old T2’s reported it took a little getting used to but enjoyed it by their second run.  One skier said that if he were going to switch to plastic boots he’d choose the NTN over 75 mm.   His regular system is a pair of Wasatch’s and BD O2’s.
  • Women were excited to know that there will be TX Pro for them in the fall.  Those that fit the sample size really enjoyed the ride.  They did comment that the forward lean was a little too much.
  • The T1 and T Race updates had plenty of praise.   Feed back on the Wmn T1 was that the forward lean was too much.  Lots more requests for the T2.


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