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Happy Hour With Alex Puccio

Jul. 23rd 2014

We met up with Alex Puccio on a hot summer day in Boulder, Colorado. She lives just a few blocks from the SCARPA office and although the 25-year-old climber couldn’t make a 5 o’clock happy hour, she was thrilled to meet up for a midday coffee. We sat down with her to talk about where she’s been climbing and what she has in store for the future.


SCARPA: How did you end up in Boulder?

ALEX PUCCIO: I moved to Boulder right after I graduated from high school. I left for three years to live in Europe, but the weather and climbing here is so amazing.

S: What’s been going on in your climbing world recently?

AP: In December and January, I had a lot of bad luck and was injured a lot. I couldn’t climb for those two months. After recovering, I was able to climb in February’s ABS Nationals and I won my eighth national championship!

I was just out in Europe participating in my fourth Bouldering World Cup circuit, which went okay, but I didn’t have the best preparation for it. I wasn’t feeling super fit and it’s just too expensive to justify. So I went outside for a month to shoot a film with SparkShop, and now I’m back climbing outside in Colorado!

S: Do you mostly climb inside or outside?

AP: I usually split indoor and outdoor 50/50, but right now I’m outside 95 percent of the time. I’ve been exploring Rocky Mountain National Park a lot right now – I actually tried a V14 yesterday out there and fell on the very last hold! I had already gotten through the hard part, but tore a massive hole in my hand. I have to wait for a few days to try again. I’ve found this new energy and strength for climbing outside and I’m going with it.

Although she wears the Instinct VS while climbing, Alex wore SCARPA Sparks during happy hour.

S: What’s next for you?

AP: I have two big comps I’m training for right now: one in Salt Lake City at Outdoor Retailer, which is just for fun, and 10 days later I’ll be at the Bouldering World Championship in Munich, Germany.

S: How do you think you’ll do in Munich?

AP: I have the potential to win and potential to lose. I usually make it to the finals but it’s such a head game. It totally depends on who has the best mental game that day. Boulder problems tend to be more tricky than hard.

S: How do you train for these events?

AP: I never lift weights, I just naturally have big muscles. I’ve been running a bit but mostly I just train on the wall, climb outside and hike a lot. But I’m not sure I like hiking if there aren’t boulders at the end of it!

S: When you’re not climbing, what do you like to do?

AP: I climb all the time, but I like to shop! I’m really girly. I have an addiction to Lululemon and I just chill a lot and relax. I try to do things that are not stressful. I love working and coaching, and work doesn’t seem stressful (unless the kids I coach are competing!). I like having a schedule and structure. It makes you value a vacation.

S: What’s next for you besides climbing?

AP: I’ve been talking about getting more into fitness. I’d start with being a personal trainer – take the test, get a certification – and then maybe do some fitness modeling. And then I could get into nutrition? I don’t know! I get bored being just one thing. I’d like to go to school and get a job. But right now I’m content. I’ll keep on climbing as long as it makes me happy.

S: This month our theme is happy hour. What’s your favorite drink when you’re out with friends?

AP: Strawberry mojitos!

S: What is your favorite piece of SCARPA gear?

AP: I love the Instinct VS – they fit perfectly. I like one shoe for everything. Why change? I’m set in my ways.

Thanks for meeting us for happy hour, Alex! Good luck in your upcoming comps!

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