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How to retrofit SCARPA Hurricanes, T-Races with the Powerblock Tour mechanism

Nov. 9th 2010

Following up on yesterday’s post about the Hurricane winning Skiing Magazine’s 2011 Tester’s Choice Award, one of the major differences between this year’s version of the Hurricane and previous year’s versions of the Hurricane is the fact that this year the Hurricane has a tour/walk mechanism. And not just any tour/walk mechanism.

The Powerblock Tour is a tour/walk mechanism on steriods – the most powerful such mechanism on the market, and the closest thing yet that anyone has come up with in terms of replicating the power of a fixed-cuff boot in something that will comfortably and functionally tour and walk.

Basically, the Powerblock Tour is not only beefier in terms of design, but it’s got tighter tolerances, so that it’s a performance game-changer. In past years, given that the Hurricane is one of our pinnacle freeride boots, SCARPA employed a fixed-cuff design in which you could adjust the forward lean to a desired position.

It’s worth noting that this same mechanism is coming stock on the new T-Race (also previously a fixed-cuff boot) and the new T1 and T1 Women (Fall 2010 versions).

The good news for owners of previous year’s Hurricanes and T-Races is that you can easily retrofit the Powerblock tour onto older version of the boots. We can do that for you here in SCARPA’s service center (call 303-998-2895 to set that up), or – with a little experience and savvy – you can do it yourself.

Here’s how:

Powerblock Tour – FR: Fits Hurricane with Powerblock (fixed anodized anthracite heel piece)

PowerBlock Tour – 75mm: Fits T-Race with Powerblock (fixed, anodized red heel piece)

Tools and parts needed: hammer, punch, 3mm allen wrench, #3 pozi drive (or large Phillips head screwdriver) and SCARPA Power Block Tour (PBT) Kit

1) Remove Liners

2) Use hammer and punch to remove pin at the back of the boot, from right to left. SAVE PIN!

3) Un-screw pozi screws in Powerblock and remove internal t nuts and Powerblock from the shell.

4) Insert new PBT t-nuts and align PBT mechanism in desired forward lean position. Insert and tighten new
PBT screws until snug.

5) Flip PBT mechanism into “tour” or  “up” position.

6) Flex boot cuff all the way forward.

7) Insert PBT bar into mechanism with bend facing out.

8) Lock PBT mechanism into “ski” or “down” position and back flex boot cuff to insert PBT bar into lower boot

9) Insert pin from left to right until head of pin is flush with the plastic. Flex the boot forward to make sure the
pin is thru the loop in the PBT bar.

10) GO SKI!

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  1. Adam
    Posted December 31, 2010 at 1:07 pm | Permalink

    IMPORTANT item before doing step 4:

    MAKE SURE you remove all the blue locktite from the new screws BEFORE attempting to tighten the new PBT mechanism. If you don’t, the locktite is too stiff and will cause you to spin the back (square) side of the nut, stripping the female (carved out inside) square block of the boot cuff. I used a pick, but a pin would suffice.

    Scarpa folks: you should consider using a different color locktite or none at all in this application, or there could be many problematic, permanently damaged installations. The candycane T-Race plastic just isn’t rigid enough to hold if blue locktite is on these screws.

    • cclark
      Posted January 3, 2011 at 9:37 am | Permalink

      Thanks for the great info and feedback Adam!

      With all of these t-nuts inset into plastic in our boots, care must be used when removing, replacing parts. The pebax can be stripped if care and patience are not applied.

      If you have any other product feedback, we’d love to hear it! We have a feedback form that helps us consolidate, organize and manage our product feedback… scoll to the lower right hand corner of this screen or go to:

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