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Kicking and Swinging: Jorasses Pro GTX is the right kind of fit

Jan. 10th 2012

Jorasses Pro GTXFor a lot of us living in the American West, the ski season isn’t up and running. The dearth of snow so far pervades most of the mountains west of the Mississippi, and skiers are passively waiting for Mother Nature to dish out some fresh powder. No matter. At least not for ice climbers, who welcome the light snow pack and revel in the easy access to their favorite haunts. Who needs powder when you can make a day of kicking and swinging sharp tools into frozen water?

SCARPA’s ice climbing boot workhorse, the new Jorasses Pro GTX is the new norm in technical Alpine toiling. Replacing the successful and trusted Freney, the Jorasses sports small, but pivotal (pun intended) refinements that have turned a classic ice boot into a modern machine.

Three words: advanced midsole system. Three components to the Jorasses have increased its precision and function, much of which lives in the midsole. The low profile TPU frame, as opposed to traditional EVA, give the Jorasses its torsional stiffness, providing immediate power transfer from the boot through the crampon, and into the rock and ice. Additionally, the PU component of the midsole absorbs more shock under the forefoot, with a separate column that passes through the TPU heel chassis, where your heel strike is.

Photo courtesy of Photographer - Jonathan Griffith

The Vibram® lug sole design further assists in shock absorption as well as traction on approaches. The advanced midsole system allows the foot to remain closer to the ground for a more intimate feel when climbing rock or stabilizing in crampons, and simultaneously boasts 15% more shock absorption. Together, the sole and midsole channel the power to the front points of crampons, giving you more stick with less swing.

The boot’s upper has its own set of virtues. SCARPA has continued producing a technical single boot with Gore-Tex lining that is light, breathable and warm for daylong outings. Seam-sealed Lorica® fabric is supple out of the box and retains its structural integrity for comfort longevity, while a Gilley lacing system and gusseted tongue work in concert to retain a comfortable fit and keep out debris.

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