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Maintenance Know How: SCARPA Ski Boots

Mar. 1st 2012

We often take several steps to maintain the well being of our ski equipment. At SCARPA, a few after-market tidbits can keep your ski boots on the up and up, last that extra season (or two) with little cost, and keep you skiing in the backcountry through good days and bad. Below are some quick considerations that ensure your boots can realize and maintain their full potential.

Field-maintainable buckles are great, but screws need to be checked, otherwise buckles will fall off. LocTite on all your screw threads is a great prevention measure, and a good way to familiarize yourself with your boots. Blue LocTite is medium strength and should do the trick on most screws on the boots. If you are touring a lot and blue is not working, red LocTite is high strength, but still allows the screws to be serviceable.

All buckles are replaceable, so if you have a broken buckle with springs sticking out, or they don’t “snap” back, it’s a good idea to get them replaced. If your buckles have screws, then it is an easy fix at home, otherwise you can contact SCARPA to obtain a Return Authorization number to have them do the replacement for you. We stock factory parts for all of our current boots. This means if something needs to be replaced on your boot, we will repair/replace with all original parts from Italy to prevent Frankenboots.

For Telemark boots specifically, it’s good to purchase new Edge Guards when ski edges get close to touching bellows, as there is no good fix to a hole in your bellow. This inexpensive part will add several more seasons to your boots, maintaining a long relationship with the most important part of your skiing experience. If you own a pair of SCARPA Telemark boots, buy a pair of edge guards and simply keep them in your boot bag so you can replace them when it’s convenient for you. Edge Guard replacement is one of the easier repairs on SCARPA boots. They have only two screws, and to change them out takes a few minutes.

Lastly, don’t forget about replacement soles. They are a simple fix for an eventuality in ski boot wear and tear. Vibram Ride and Rally soles will restore your boots to almost new at a fraction of what it costs to replace a new pair of boots.

We want you to love your boots, and anything we can do to extend that relationship is a win for both of us.

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