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The New SCARPA F1: Light, Fast, Powerful

Oct. 25th 2016
The new SCARPA F1 in it's element. Photo: Louis Arevalo

The new SCARPA F1 in it’s element. Photo: Louis Arevalo

There’s a tipping point that every skier reaches as they grow and learn more in the backcountry. Eventually, you just can’t help but wonder what’s over the next ridge or further up the drainage. You’re mind wants to make more turns than your legs are willing to ascend. The quintessential math problem that every backcountry skier must personally solve—lightweight vs. downhill power—gets a few new variables as you spy deeper objectives or aspire to more soft turns each season. SCARPA understands the feeling, it’s what inspired the development of the new SCARPA F1. Like you, SCARPA boot developers wanted to travel further and climb more vertical and they wanted to do it without much sacrifice to the descent. To accomplish that, the designers started from the ground up, simplifying and streamlining every aspect of a ski touring boot to shed every ounce of fat possible. They used the most advanced plastics and construction techniques and developed a friction-free walk mechanism that allows for unparalleled range of motion. The final product, the new F1, is the most efficient everyday touring boot SCARPA has ever created. Its perfect blend of uphill and downhill capability is ideal for the dedicated backcountry skier looking to expand their playground, reach new objectives, and move quickly through the mountains while still having confidence on the descent. If most of your days start from the trailhead rather than the lift line, this boot should get some close attention. Big day. Every Day.

SCARPA F1: Big Day, Every Day from SCARPA North America on Vimeo.

What the Experts are Saying about the new SCARPA F1

“The F1 feels at home on groomers and easy bumps (think Snowmass, Colorado). And for the kind of skiing I usually do (3000-to-5000-foot days in the Colorado backcountry, mostly on moderate terrain) they are ideal. Light, supple, and comfy for the up. Stiff and supportive for the down. Bottomless fluff in the trees? No problem. Breakable crust with a side of ankle-deep wind pressed powder over avalanche debris? A bigger backcountry ski boot would power through it, but with a lighter touch the F1 worked just fine. Midwinter meadow skipping through surface hoar? Dancing.” —

“Yes, it’s softer than other touring boots, but the flex feels stiffer than a 95 and the lateral stiffness and Carbon Core Construction allow for smooth, predictable turns. Easy and efficient, the boot offers 62 degrees of motion while skinning.” — Powder Magazine


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