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One Track Mind: Compete in Park City’s Mid Mountain Marathon

Aug. 29th 2013

On Saturday, September 7th, SCARPA is pleased to help trail runners of greater Park City lace up for the 9th annual Mid Mountain Marathon. Runners of all strides will make their way through the alpine wilds of the Wasatch Range as they take on one of the most scenic race courses in North America.

The race itself is a mountain trail run that connects three world-class resorts: Deer Valley, Park City and the Canyons. Unlike traditional road marathons, the nature of mountain terrain creates new objective hazards, obstacles, and is ultimately more challenging – physically and mentally. That said, it’s still way better than pounding pavement. Slithering through aspen lined ridges, gullies, and meadows, where the average elevation is above 8,000 feet, racers have the added challenge of elevation if they make a move for trail running glory.

Deer Valley owns the starting line of the race, which begins around 8,100 feet. Racers fall in line as they traverse to the adjacent Park City Resort, where the undulating single track rises to 8,400 feet. There are nine aid stations over the 26.2-mile course, and racers are encouraged to make use of them. The run finishes after a long descent to the Canyons Resort base area at 6,800 feet. Because of the mountain environment, safety precautions, and the nature of singletrack limitations, the race is capped at 400 people.

The Mid Mountain Marathon is one of five events produced by The Mountain Trails Foundation. Established in 1992, the MTF is an advocacy group for non-motorized backcountry trails. They work with a variety of government agencies and private landowners in a collaborative effort to maintain and grow the trail system in the greater Park City area. Today the MTF oversees approximately 400 miles of trails for the benefit and enjoyment of hikers, trail runners, and mountain bikers who use them. Registration for the all MTF events can be found at

The Mountain Trails Foundation survives on races. Like all of the MTF events, the Mid Mountain Marathon helps fund the trail systems. Together, all proceeds from the events go to funding the Foundation, and the work it does for the trail systems. “By doing the events,” says MTF’s Ginger Reis, “you’re helping the trail system.”

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