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Planet Friendly and the performance story

Aug. 17th 2010

Isn’t it cool when there’s an upside to choosing a more eco-friendly product?

For a lot of years, SCARPA has been looking to source recycled or otherwise more eco-friendly materials to use in its footwear. In the last year, it began calling out such efforts in it’s Planet Friendly Program, which denotes products make with a substantive materials contribution on one of those fronts.

This coming season, SCARPA will offer eight ski boots made with Pebax Rnew, which is a plastic material made 90 percent with plant-based oil (the oil of the Castor plant, actually) rather than petroleum-based oil. But it was actually a performance benefit that led SCARPA down this road – though we’re certainly psyched that it also takes roughly 30 percent less energy to make the plastic and creates about 30 percent fewer emissions in the process.

Turns out Pebax Rnew retains its stiffness over a slightly wider temperature range than normal Pebax, which is already one of the great benefits of Pebax over polyurethane (used to make most alpine boots). That is, in a lightweight boot construction, your boots feel the same stiffness at 5 degrees F as they do at 30 degrees F.

So, it’s cool to find a material that’s a better choice eco-wise but doesn’t come at a performance penalty, and in fact has a slight performance uptick.

Boots this year that use Pebax Rnew construction include the Mobe, Maestrale (pictured), Gea, T1, T1 women, T2 Eco, T2 Eco women and TJ.

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  1. Chris
    Posted August 18, 2010 at 4:11 pm | Permalink

    I love this boot! While amazingly light, I can drive my Volkl Gotama’s at the resort! In the BC, their performance is even more apparent. 

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