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Q&A with Alex Puccio: ABS National Champion Nine Years Running

Feb. 13th 2015

Alex sent her way to another ABS Nationals victory (her 9th, in fact). We caught up with her to hear about the win and what’s in store for her post-comp season.

Alex sends in the SCARPA Instinct VS

How does it feel to come home with another ABS National Title?

A: I was very excited and honored to place first at ABS Nationals this year. This was my 9th ABS National Championship Title. Every year there are more youngsters in the finals and they are sooo strong. And every year it gets harder to win, But I’m definitely going to keep trying my hardest to be the best I can! :)

What kind of training and dedication does it take to stay at that high of level for so long?

A: This is the first year I started to do some cross training on top of my climbing. I personally don’t have a training schedule I stick to, but I climb about 5 days a week and run 4-5 days a week and have a core work out I made up. If I feel like I need to work on a weakness a bit more then I do so. Other than that I had to work mostly on my mental game.


 What do you plan on doing next?

A:  At the end of this month some friends and I plan on going to Bishop for a couple weeks. It’s been a long couple months with all the competitions that have happened. Now I’m looking forward to getting outside and having fun climbing on real rock for a while before I start training for the World Cup Circuit again! :)


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