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SCARPA’s new Boostic rock shoe for all-around high-end climbing

Jun. 12th 2012

It’s good to be an all-arounder. It gives us options —opportunities to better explore our craft. It shows a willingness to adapt, to embrace the unknown, and it keeps us balanced. Legendary climbing shoe designer Heinz Mariacher knows this, which is why he’s made the new Boostic, SCARPA’s latest high-end, do-it-all masterpiece.

The Boostic strives for optimum performance balanced with good comfort, allowing you to climb at your limit with confidence whether bouldering, hard sport climbing or sending personal test pieces.

Because of its stretchable, sock-like upper, the Boostic slips on snugly, and can accommodate a wide variety of foot types for a comfy, precision fit. The two Velcro™ tab closures augment the structural integrity, securing the foot for high demand performance, yet simultaneously retaining slipper-like sensitivity for more nuanced moves. Specifically mapped Lorica™ and leather material in the uppers work in concert to meld with the foot, allowing feet to move and change without limitations while maintaining the shoes’ overall structural longevity.

There’s more: SCARPA’s V-tension Active Randing. Specific tensioning on the rubber rand cradles and supports the foot, allowing the shoe to dynamically adapt to the foot while it loads and unloads body weight, effectively storing and releasing power—similar to the way a barn door slams shut with a rubber tether. V-tension retains the active randing principles of high-end power transfer, but uses more forgiving tension. In practice, think maximum power with long-term projects in mind.

The Boostic also features Vibram® XS Edge rubber, which doesn’t stretch in hot temps and maintains its resistance to plastic distortion, holding its edge when you need it most in the desert.

Having just returned from a Wyoming cave project, SCARPA athlete Gord McArthur put the Boostic to the test, scaling up a variety of prospects, ranging from steep and minimal to overhanging. In addition to steep edging, “they’re great on technical, horizontal upside-down terrain too,” he said. “They adapt to movement with no restrictions. And they stick.”

He’s not the only one who feels this way. The Boostic has been racking up product awards as well. Urban Climber gave the Boostic Editor’s Choice Award for “all around, outstanding shoe,” and Rock and Ice gave it Five Stars, calling it “a go-to slipper for hard routes and boulder problems.”

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