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Feb. 6th 2015

Welcome back to our First Friday Film Fest featuring SCARPA athletes on big mountain adventures, free-climb missions and some of Utah’s finest crack.

Dean Cummings’ The Steep Life Film 2015

The Chugach Mountains surrounding Valdez, Alaska are the proving grounds for big mountain skiing and the foundation of Dean Cummings’ The Steep Life. Since 1991 Dean has been dedicated to exploring and guiding in the Chugach and developing the protocols needed to safely access this terrain.

Fine Jade (5.11a) – Utah’s Best Sandstone Tower

Local knowledge counts for a lot in climbing, so when Utah hard man and prolific new router Jay Smith recommended ‘Fine Jade’ (5.11a) to the Smiley’s, they knew that they just had to climb it. With perfect splitter cracks on the first two pitches and superb face climbing above, ‘Fine Jade’ more than lives up to its name. The approach is short, the line stunning and the climbing encapsulates all that is best about Utah’s desert towers.

Free Climbing A Classic Hard Aid Line In The Wind River Range

In 2013 Nik Berry, Dave Allfrey and Mason Earle hiked into the Wind River Range in Wyoming to explore the free-climbing potential of the area’s remote alpine faces. Having forgotten to bring a topo of their objective, they found themselves on an old Mt. Hooker aid route put up by Steve Quinlan. The group were so inspired by the line that they committed themselves to climbing it clean in what would be some of the hardest big-wall free climbing in North America. Unfortunately bad weather forced them to retreat from their 2013 attempt, but undaunted they returned a year later to try again. This is the story of that mission.

Operation Hooker, Ep. 1

Operation Hooker, Ep. 2

Operation Hooker, Ep. 3

Josh Wharton and The Black Binder

Josh Wharton, who has climbed in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison for more than 15 years, has a binder full of Black Canyon ascents. After climbing 86 different routes there over the years, the Hallucinogen Wall (VI 5.10 A3+ [5.13+]) was one of the last remaining challenges. In the summer of 2014, Wharton led every pitch of the Hallucinogen Wall free in a single day, thus drawing to a close his Black Binder.

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