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SCARPA Footbeds: Benefits, Options and Uses

Feb. 3rd 2012

What good is having the best pair of jeans on the planet if your underwear is ill fitting, broken down, or full of holes? Well, SCARPA can’t answer that particular question, but the question can be asked when talking about footbeds for your shoes, hiking boots or ski boots. And, SCARPA has some good options.

Top to Bottom: ACTIVE, AIR, HIGH, SKI

SCARPA has four new specific support models to choose from—AIR, HIGH, SKI and ACTIVE—when you want to upgrade or swap out your existing footbeds. Each option allows you to pick the most appropriate footbed for your favored level of support or preferred activity, whether it’s mountaineering, trail running, skiing, backpacking or frequenting the latest local yard sale.

AIR Support and HIGH Support footbeds both work well for those who desire more arch support, offering a deep, stable heel cup and an EVA rubber/blend forefoot cushion. AIR Support boasts the airmesh top sheet, providing additional cushion and airflow channels to keep your feet cooler. HIGH Support is a friend of the stiffer boots, carrying bigger loads, when support and stability are needed most.

SKI is the ideal support for the confines of your ski boots, cradling your arch and heel for maximum comfort and immediate responsiveness. Because your feet incubate inside ski boots, the polyester wicking top sheet that’s coated with an anti-microbial treatment keeps your feet dryer and the stink to a minimum.

Running is about being low profile, and the ACTIVE support is lean and lightweight, with a softer arch suport and a wicking polyester top sheet for moisture management. The ACTIVE Support works to cushion your stride and extend your shoe’s longevity.

While footbeds aren’t a replacement for footwear, they elevate the performance of your current footwear, and help replenish the shoe’s original performance levels, lengthening the shoe’s overall life span and saving you money, even after prolonged use.

Additionally, SCARPA’s “Planet Friendly Initiative” has been extended into its footbeds. EcoPure® EVA is built into the AIR, HIGH, and SKI footbeds. It is an organic additive that causes plastic to biodegrade through a series of chemical and biological processes when disposed of in a microbe-rich environment such as a landfill. It makes plastic attractive to the microbes, and allows the plastic to be consumed by the microorganisms as a source of energy. What this means? EcoPure® footbeds will breakdown in 20 years, not thousands.

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