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  • 12 December 2014: Outdoor Alliance trip to Washington, DC - SCARPA Team Newswire copy
    This was one of the more interested and unusual trips I’ve been on, and although it had everything to do with backcountry skiing, not a turn was had. We did however summit “The Hill” at 9:46am on December 10th with no supplemental oxygen or porters and by fair means. The trip was put together by […]
  • 5 December 2014: New Zealand 2006 – Trip Series - SCARPA Team Newswire copy
    This trip came about in a serendipitous manner.  In 2006 I wanted to see if I could ski all seven continents, and had just happened to meet Grant Guise through Ski Mountaineering racing, which Steve Romeo was also involved in.  Grant lived/lives in New Zealand and so we decided that was a good enough of […]
  • 29 November 2014: Children of the Revolution - SCARPA Team Newswire copy
    I’m now back from our memorable trip to Kazakhstan hosted by Eurasian Bank. When I fly halfway around the world for a speaking engagement, especially to a place with some [...]
  • 27 November 2014: Iceland 2006 – Trip Series - SCARPA Team Newswire copy
    This trip was made infamous in the 2007 movie “Steep” due to the avalanche footage we accidentally provided.  “I hope you got that, ’cause we’re not doing it again!”   Background This trip came about through my friendship with Matt Turley, who is/was a photographer and had been to Iceland in the summer.  At the […]
  • 26 November 2014: Trip Poster Series - SCARPA Team Newswire copy
    Starting in 2006, I began putting together 8 x 10 inch “trip posters” to commemorate special outings.  I stole this idea from Ruedi Homberger, aka The Snow Monster, while I was on a trip to Switzerland and saw a similar trip montage in his house.  Ruedi’s version involved cutting mats and carefully placing photos behind, whereas […]

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