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Ski Trab’s Talent Runs Deep

Jan. 22nd 2014

The town of Bormio, Italy is a crucible of mountain sports, where skiing and alpinism form a seamless bond. Home to the Pista Stelvio, one of the world’s most spectacular downhill courses, the village has an engrossing history of glissé. So, it should come as no surprise that some of the world’s finest skis are designed, crafted and produced in this bucolic alpine village. Enter Ski Trab.

Giacomo Trabucchi made his first pair of wooden skis in 1946. Since this auspicious beginning, Ski Trab has evolved to become synonymous with craftsmanship, passion and performance. Their products celebrate the love of ski mountaineering, skimo racing and backcountry, while embodying the elegance of snow-covered mountain pursuits. They have created several models that appeal to the full spectrum of mountain travelers, whether you are a swarthy ski mountaineer, an ounce-counting competitive athlete, or a humble skier who seeks solace in winter’s rolling hills and valleys.

Gara Aero World Cup

The Gara Aero World Cup rando race skis utilize Ski Trab’s 14-layer lightweight construction and Attivo Progressive Shape. The center of the ski responds to the skier’s actions on firm snow, while the skis gradually become softer toward the tip and tail, allowing the skier to actively follow uneven terrain without causing imbalance. This construction is ideal for racers who want to save energy while passing through different race conditions. There’s a reason why it’s the most winning touring ski in the world. If you’re more citizen than race fiend, Ski Trab offers their Race Aero, a slightly less expensive, simplified version of the Gara workhorse.


Borrowing the winning technology (and weight) of a rando race ski, the Magico is a deft offering to serious ski mountaineers and tourers who want a fun, easy-handling, lightweight mountain charger. The Aramid honeycomb compound core provides the best strength-to-weight ratio on the market for stability, performance, and long-term durability, keeping the skis featherweight and strong. At 2 pounds, 6 ounces per ski, and yet 82 mm underfoot (178), the Magico is the everyday enthusiast’s tool.

Freedom 90

Playful all-mountain tools, the Freedom 84 and 90 balance modest floatation in powder with strong edge hold for challenging or firm backcountry snow conditions. The skis are constructed with a lightweight wood core with air channels to save weight for touring, and a carbon wrap for responsiveness when shooting steep, tight couloirs. This construction also makes them stable at speed and inspires confidence in steep, technical terrain.


For those seeking dependable performance, edging control, and floatation, Ski Trab has also produced the Evo Volare and Evo Ripido. At 99 mm under foot, the Volare is the widest offering from Ski Trab. The high torsional value on the ski edge provides solid responsiveness and control on hard and firm terrain, while the progressively flexible tip and tail soar in soft snow. They’re perfect for tours that include powder, crud, and everything in between the two. Because ski tips are the most vulnerable part of the ski, Ski Trab has added a removable tip system that protects the tip against wear and tear, thus extending its lifespan.


More svelte than the Volare, the Ripido is überlight on the climb, but responsive and strong on the descent. Like most of Ski Trab’s high-end skis, the Ripido is constructed with 14 different layers of materials, including the Aramid honeycomb core reinforced by carbon fiber, designed around building a very light, Italian-built ski that’s also performance-driven and a pleasure to ride. The Ripido excels in steep, firm terrain, but has the personality to deliver in powder.

However you see yourself playing in winter’s snow and ice, Ski Trab’s passionate history of craftsmanship and performance will provide the proper tool for your mountain pursuits, whatever they may be.

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