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Summer Rock Shoe Care

Aug. 16th 2016

We know the drill. A long, hot summer session results in some serious shoe funk so you throw your shoes in the trunk. Then you hit your favorite restaurant for grub or watering hole for a drink. Before too long, someone suggests a cruiser ride, and you decide to just unpack from climbing the next morning. Bad idea. Everything lovely about summer, the sun, the heat, the dryness will trash your climbing shoes. Here are a few tips care for your rock shoes during the hot months. Sending temps are almost here.

Don't kill fido...or your shoes.

Don’t kill fido…or your shoes.

1. It’s okay to wash your shoes. Use a rag or soft bristle brush to gently wash with light detergent and room-temperature water. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly to remove any remaining soap. Air dry in the shade. Do not dry in direct sunlight! This can overheat the rubber and cause delamination.

2. Do not leave your rock shoes in the car, PERIOD. Not in the trunk, not on front seat, not under the seat. The heat exposure in a hot car will cause delamination issues guaranteed. It doesn’t even need to be that hot, 70’s and direct sun can cook your car. Rock shoes are built with a heat activated glue, and your Impala is the perfect solar oven to reactivate it and loosen everything up causing the shoe to pretty much fall apart. You wouldn’t do it to fido, so don’t do it to your Booster S. It doesn’t even take long, the temperature in your car can increase 50+ degrees in minutes when in direct sunlight.

Bad news thanks to a hot car.

Bad news thanks to a hot car.

3. Because rubber softens in the heat and wears quicker as you smear and edge on rock, it’s important be vigilant about resoles. Waiting too long to get your shoes a resole will end up causing more damage and costing you more dollars if the shoes require toecap or rand repair. Even worse, the cobbler might say they can’t be resoled, and you’ll need a new pair of shoes.

The heat of summer isn’t quite over, be sure to take care of yourself and your gear!

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