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Happy Hour at Basecamp: 3 Things to Do When Stuck in a Tent

Jul. 21st 2014

Joel Bettner, a skier, mountaineer and coach based in Boulder, Colo., considers what “happy hour” means in basecamp.

It’s the “in-between” time on an expedition that makes all the difference. So many of us plan adventures with an eagle-like focus on a big goal, all too often neglecting the time spent waiting out storms, recovering or generally living in a tent. That time not actively pursuing the big goal can make or break you; it’s crucial to your sanity and therefore crucial to your success.



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In his own words: Ueli Steck and partner Tenji summit Everest without Oxygen

Jun. 8th 2012

Ueli Steck and his climbing partner, Tenji summitted Everest last week without oxygen. It was the first time that Steck successfully summitted, after turning back a hundred meters shy of the summit last year due to cold feet.  Steck shared this account of their summit day on his blog, including details about what they ate and the other parties they encountered on the mountain. In Ueli Steck’s words:

There are a few things in life of an alpinist, which you should have done. For me this was the ascent of Mount Everest. This was one of my goals which I wanted to reach as a climber and alpinist.

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