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Maintenance Know How: SCARPA Ski Boots

Mar. 1st 2012

We often take several steps to maintain the well being of our ski equipment. At SCARPA, a few after-market tidbits can keep your ski boots on the up and up, last that extra season (or two) with little cost, and keep you skiing in the backcountry through good days and bad. Below are some quick considerations that ensure your boots can realize and maintain their full potential.

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How to make sure your ski boots are ready for ski season

Oct. 5th 2011

Anticipation. For skiers, Fall is full of it. With Winter’s pending arrival, we constantly dig out gear, tinker with gadgets, find out what needs repairs, what needs replacing—all of this to pass the time until the snow flies.

Hurricane ProOne could argue boot preparations are the most important element of the process, and ensuring their well-being is paramount for an enjoyable and engaging winter season. We spoke with SCARPA shop ace Dave Maziarz about common wear-and-tear issues on ski boots, and the best ways to make sure your boots are ready when the snow flies.

What is the most common evidence of disrepair you see?
Sloppiness in the boot. Letting parts or hardware loosen can cause damage to the boot beyond just losing screws and buckles in the field.

What are the most significant signs of wear and tear to look for?
Most of our boots have plastic parts on them that also double as edge guards. These prevent the lower shell from getting damaged by ski edges. On our Tele boots (75mm and NTN), this part is the tongue. On our Alpine Touring and Freeride boots, they are usually the plastic straps on the boot that the lower buckles attach to. This is more important on the Tele boots because after the edge guard/tongue wears down, the ski edge will start to tear up the bellow of the boot and there is no way to repair a hole in the bellow. Depending on skiing style, width of ski, etc., these may need to be replaced anywhere from one season to four seasons. If someone is skiing hard, it is normal to see these parts wear out, so contact SCARPA for replacements.

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