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World Cup Boulderer Alex Puccio Joins SCARPA As Athlete Ambassador

Feb. 6th 2014
CREDIT: Pantera and Mateusz

When world-renowned boulderer Alex Puccio hits the IFSC Bouldering World Cup Circuit in April in Chongqing, China, she’ll be doing it in SCARPA rock shoes.

A friend first introduced her to SCARPA shoes while climbing in Europe, suggesting the rock shoes would be a good match for her style. “I really liked that SCARPA’s a family-owned company,” said Puccio. “I just have a really great vibe all around.”

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The Total Package: The Women’s Mont Blanc Boot

Jan. 14th 2014

The complete mountain woman excels on rock, snow and ice. And so does the women-specific, all-mountain Mont Blanc GTX. On any given day, this all-rounder thrives on kicking waterfall ice, slogging through steep snow, circumnavigating exposed ridges, and battling all other mountain scenarios that comes its way. Crafted specifically to meet the needs of women’s feet, this four-season mountain boot is designed and built for versatility and alpine performance.

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Climbing in the Cathedral Spires with Cody Scarpella

Jan. 9th 2014

A guest post from SCARPA climber, Cody Scarpella.

Three years ago, on a climbing trip out to the magical Cathedral Spires, I was introduced to the South Platte of the Colorado River. We dropped onto the rural road that follows the west arm of the river and I knew then that it was a special kind of place. The narrow road winds around dilapidated cabins built on boulders of solid rock, hugging the river and mimicking the flow of every bend. Hillsides rise steeply from the edges of the narrow valley and bold granite formations stand like castles at the top of those hills.

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Ongoing Ascension: Climber Nina Caprez gets Better and Better

Aug. 14th 2013

Nina Caprez’ climbing career started differently from most people in that she graduated to sport climbing from trad climbing. From humble mountaineering beginnings, the now SCARPA athlete found the athleticism and focus of sport climbing very alluring. And now she does both very well. The 25-year-old Swiss climber already has an impressive competitive World Cup resume, representing Switzerland in Lead and Bouldering comps. Her next chapter is concentrating on multi-pitch routes that require expert stamina and skill. And, maybe after that, she says, she’ll start thinking about having some babies…but there’s no rush.

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Bringing (Back) Climbing: Starting a Community Climbing Initiative in Wyoming

May. 21st 2013

SCARPA athlete and professional climber and coach, Alli Rainey, recently ventured off the beaten path to investigate rumors of an impressive bouldering wall at a wellness center in Thermopolis, Wyoming. Not only did Alli confirm the rumor, she and her husband Kevin spent several days working with the facility to update the walls and plant a seed to grow a climbing community in this small town.

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Wrapping up the 2013 Red Rock Rendezvous

Apr. 30th 2013

SCARPA athlete Rob Pizem started his climbing career in Ohio before taking off to travel the globe, top-roping, free climbing, hiking, and more. Rob now resides in Colorado where he’s developing new routes and bringing fellow climbers along for the ascent. Earlier this year, he attended and taught a clinic at the 10th Annual Red Rock Rendezvous.

The new year stormed in like an ice queen near my neck of the woods in Colorado. It was bitter cold and the outdoor rock climbing opportunities between January and April were few and far between, which is why I was so excited about this year’s 10th Annual Red Rock Rendezvous. I had a chance to climb under the warm Nevada sun and teach some traditional climbing techniques to aspiring tradsters at the event.

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Retailer Shout Outs: Desert Rock Sports, Las Vegas

Apr. 23rd 2013

Desert Rock Sports is the total package, or, rather, a part of the total package. This niche climbing shop has been the epicenter for Las Vegas climbers for more than 25 years. Current owners Travis Graves, Mike Lorenzo and Steve Mallory met at the store years ago while Travis was an employee. In 2005, the three of them partnered to purchase the shop, as well as the adjacent indoor climbing gym, and Red Rocks Climbing Guides service – an extension of Jackson Hole Mountain Guides. Between the shop, the gym and the guide service, they can outfit, educate and introduce climbers, new and old, to an enormity of world-class climbing just down the road.

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SCARPA’s “26,320 Days” Giveaway Ends with a Bang

Apr. 19th 2013

To wrap up our “26,320 Days” Facebook Giveaway, we’re  hooking up one fan plus a friend of their choice with a $300 gift card to To up the ante, we’ll give away a $500 gift card if we reach our goal of 26,320 fans by Thursday April 25th. Think how far 500 bucks worth of SCARPA gear can take you!

The goal of SCARPA’s Giveaway is to reach 26,320 fans. It might seem like a strange number but if you do the math, it’s the average number of days a human spends on earth and we want you to embrace every one of those days to the fullest ­– outside.

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Majka Burhardt: Climbing and Traveling in Cuba

Jan. 5th 2012

SCARPA athlete and ambassador Majka Burhardt is a writer, climber and world traveler. Recently she traveled to Cuba with photographer Holly Wilmeth to climb, explore and learn more about Cuban culture. An article was published in the January/February issue of AFAR Magazine and some of Wilmeth’s photos are featured on the AFAR blog. The pictures are of picturesque Cuban scenes and challenging climbs. Eloquent stories and stunning photos make the SCARPA team excited for Majka to continue traveling and climbing around the world.

Read about Majka Burhardt’s adventures on or learn more about Majka on her blog.

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Rob Pizem hosts Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker’s British Invasion of Moab

Nov. 2nd 2011

Last weekend I had the chance to take out the UK’s current rock stars, Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker, to a place in the desert which boasts a very high concentration of sandstone roof crack routes and boulder problems. The climbs vary from thin fingers to massive off-widths and can be up to 50 meters long! Needless to say, they were very excited to get the tour and I was excited to take them back to my old stomping grounds and to a left over project or two.

Tom and Pete (aka the “Wideboyz”) had just come off probably the best month of off-width climbing that has ever occurred and were ready for some more inverted craziness. In addition, another friend Pee Wee, (the Canadian crack climbing “manimal”) was eager to send a project of mine that drive me nuts a few years back! Me, I didn’t even know what kind of shape that I was in because I have been getting crushed by a local project of mine for weeks now. Fitness aside, we were all out to have a good time and do some rock climbing.

The weekend turned out to be a blast, Pee Wee was getting ever closer to unlocking the secrets of my old 27 meter overhanging nemesis. Pete and Tom took turns bashing it out upside down on yet again, another 5.13 off-width and I even managed to resend one of my favorite routes of all time, Army of Darkness. What I enjoyed the most about the weekend was learning more about how to solve problems on climbs. Each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses and we have to exploit them on routes in order to complete them without falling. One man’s hand jam is another man’s fist jam or one man’s dyno to a finger lock is another man’s “no way in hell!” I was able to see how truly differently we all climb and how it all works out in the end to get through a tough or tricky sequence.

Get outside and have an adventure!
Piz : )
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