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Hurricane vs.Hurricane Pro: Differences and Similarities

Jan. 17th 2012

When it comes to weather, we all like a good natural disaster. When a category four hurricane gets an upgrade to five, well, that’s when the party starts. So, it goes for SCARPA. In the case of the upgraded Hurricane Pro, the increases to the dynamic freeride boot have made a solid boot even better. With great attention to detail, SCARPA has focused on the highlights of the original Hurricane, and strived to make them more refined, efficient and stronger for the Pro.

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The Journeyman: Dylan Freed’s rise as a career ski mountaineer

Jan. 3rd 2012

Dylan FreedSCARPA-athlete Dylan Freed has quite the pedigree. Mentored for years by world-class mountaineers, the humble and precocious ski mountaineer who’s not even a quarter century old already has years of professional skiing under his belt, which happens to be black, if you catch our drift. He’s all in, and here’s what he has to say.

You grew up in SLC in the mountaineering community. How has it been having hard man alpinist Mark Twight as your uncle? How did that influence you?
Having Mark as an influence when I was young has been the strongest force on my direction in life. He introduced me to what the mountains can offer, if you’re allowed to trespass in them long enough, and the way friendships and experiences evolve with people who embody similar attitudes. Seeing him in another realm as a compassionate family member made me aware that other people’s perceptions and the personas people create in the media are rarely accurate.

In addition to Twight, you’ve had a lot of great mentors to learn from, including Andrew McLean. What are the most valuable lessons you’ve learned from them?
Skiing and traveling with Andrew McLean is always entertaining. Whether swerving around Tehran in an ‘88 Land Cruiser cheating death (in an auto accident), waiting for cameramen in Iceland in a whiteout, or skiing some “low angle bullshit” on a high danger day in the Wasatch, he always has an incredibly positive attitude. It has been great to have a friend and mentor that has taught me about what it’s like to be a traveler and make the best of any experience you’re given.

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A look at SCARPA’s Rush ski-touring boot

Oct. 19th 2011

SCARPA RushDo you consider yourself a dedicated backcountry denizen, aspiring ski mountaineer, or simply like to make the right call with AT boots? Powder skiing, skin tracks, couloirs, bootpacks, ridgelines, the goal for AT boots has always been to balance uphill ergonomics with downhill chops. Well, the Rush is on.

Stripped to the waist, SCARPA’s Rush is the svelte sibling to the Maestrale. Built with three buckles as opposed to four, active PowerStrap, tech fittings, and 40° fore and aft walking range, the Rush still weighs less than 6lbs. 5 oz. per pair dripping wet, and it’s always up for getting down.

Professional ski mountaineer and SCARPA athlete Andrew McLean has been wooed by the Rush’s siren calls. Making a habit of searching out some of the world’s most remote and technical terrain, one could argue he gets after it. Currently readying himself for his fourth Antarctica trip, Andrew will be taking a pair of Rush’s, and not his favorite-to-date Maestrales, for the occasion. The Reason? “The Rush is a little lighter, bit simpler,” he says, “and I think it’ll be great for the type of touring we do down there.”

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Andrew McLean reviews the new SCARPA Rush AT boot

Sep. 28th 2011

Andrew McLean is one of the best known ski mountaineering athletes in North America. The guy’s written the book (literally) on skiing in the Wasatch, and he’s also known for ski mountaineering descents around the world, including places like Alaska, where he’s skied the three most prominent peaks in the Alaska Range (Denali, Foraker and Hunter), and Antarctica.

With all the climbing required to ski in spots like that, it’s no surprise he’s a fan of light ski boots that offer a lot of range of motion in the cuff for touring. In this video he takes a look SCARPA’s Rush alpine-touring boot, new this season. The women’s version is the Blink.

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SCARPA Planet Friendly program now covers trail runners, light hikers

Sep. 20th 2011

SCARPA Planet FriendlyAs far as companies are concerned, ‘going green’ is essentially about making a smaller mess, using and re-using waste, and simultaneously lowering their carbon footprint as much as possible in a world of consumptive excess. And while no company is perfect, SCARPA has been making strides in its proactive campaign, dubbed its Planet Friendly initiative,  to make the best technical gear possible using materials and practices that also help us all reach a greener goal.

Already, we’ve made progress in our Alpine Touring and Telemark ski boot line using Rnew Pebax shells made from castor oil, which is 90 percent plant-based oil rather than being derived from petroluem. Several boot models, including the award-winning Maestrale, use Rnew as its secret ingredient, which requires 29 percent less fossil fuels and puts out 32 percent fewer emissions in the process of taking Rnew from raw to useable material. What’s left is the same high-end performance (slightly higher performance, in fact) with a smaller carbon footprint.

In the last year-plus, SCARPA has extended its Planet Friendly program to include five models of trail runners and light hikers. The Pursuit and Pursuit GTX (trail runners), the Epic (hiking/approach shoe built on a trail runner chassis) and the Moraine and Moraine GTX (light hikers) incorporate ‘Planet Friendly’ materials choices. Using mesh, synthetic leather, lining, webbing, laces and rubber that are between 25 and 100 percent recycled content, as well as EcoPure in the midsoles so they biodegrade more quickly under landfill conditions, these specific SCARPA products set a higher standard in supporting low-impact technology.

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SCARPA Maestrale, TX Pro win Backcountry Mag 2011 Editor’s Choice Award

Aug. 25th 2011

Here in the more northern parts of the country, there are many signs that – despite it still being summer – ski season is most decidedly on the way. The nights are getting cooler. Bars conversations inevitably turn to what gear you should be on this season. And the ski mags’ gear guides are starting to show up in mailboxes.

This week, Backcountry Magazine’s first issue, its annual gear guide, is out, and SCARPA boots won two 2011 Editor’s Choice Awards, the Maestrale in alpine-touring and the Terminator X Pro, also known as the TX Pro, in telemark.

You can read their take in the magazine, but suffice to say they liked what they saw. What’s the rest of the the story?

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