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Climbing for Bugs: Majka Burnhardt uses Climbing to Conserve Wildlife

Aug. 16th 2013

Professional climber and SCARPA athlete, Majka Burhardt, along with professional climber Kate Rutherford, are taking a hiatus from their typical climbing routines to advance a cause that ironically, presented itself to them through their passion to climb. The two women have started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a research mission on East Africa’s Mozambique Mountain to find new species of insects and reptiles, and build a conservation plan with local conservationists to help protect and preserve “one of the world’s most precious biodiversity hotspots”.

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The Relationship of Force: SCARPA’s versatile Force X rock shoe

Jun. 6th 2013

Forces only exist as a result of an interaction. Whenever there’s an interaction between two objects—a climber and a sheer rock face, for instance—there’s a force upon each of the objects. Contact forces are the types of forces that result when the two interacting objects are perceived to be physically contacting each other. So, it’s simple science that we’d make a versatile, can-do shoe that fully embraces the laws of physics; thus, the Force X.

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Ever Ready: Majka Burhardt Keeps Things Moving

Jun. 4th 2013

Heraro Arch, 5.12, Namibia. Photo: Gabe Rogel

Majka Burhardt doesn’t slow down much. The SCARPA athlete, author and speaker has spent much of her adult life combining a love and talent for climbing with an equal tenacity toward the arts and social responsibility. Born and raised in Minnesota, Burhardt was an unlikely candidate to be a rising voice for African conservation. But after her first trip years ago, she was entranced and thus, found her calling.

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Majka Burhardt: Climbing and Traveling in Cuba

Jan. 5th 2012

SCARPA athlete and ambassador Majka Burhardt is a writer, climber and world traveler. Recently she traveled to Cuba with photographer Holly Wilmeth to climb, explore and learn more about Cuban culture. An article was published in the January/February issue of AFAR Magazine and some of Wilmeth’s photos are featured on the AFAR blog. The pictures are of picturesque Cuban scenes and challenging climbs. Eloquent stories and stunning photos make the SCARPA team excited for Majka to continue traveling and climbing around the world.

Read about Majka Burhardt’s adventures on or learn more about Majka on her blog.

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