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Breaking the Speed Limit with the Dorais Brothers

Jun. 13th 2013
Jason and Andy skinning the upper snowfield of the Otter Body.

The terms “physically fit” and “expert ski mountaineers” don’t even begin to describe the Dorais brothers – some would say they’re possibly beyond human. Climbing and skiing higher, faster and harder than many mountaineers, Andy and Jason are consistently raising the bar. Most recently, the duo has been all over newsfeeds and media outlets for climbing and skiing down Mt. Rainier in under four hours. But, that’s not the only monumental adventure the brothers embarked on this season. We caught up with these SCARPA athletes to hear about their ascent of Rainier and skiing the Grand Teton’s Otter Body (both on SCARPA Aliens and Ski Trab skis), and what it’s like to set a speed record on racing gear.

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Fast Times from SLC: Keeping up with the Dorais Brothers.

Nov. 8th 2012

Dynamic Duo is a silly term used to describe grown men in tights. Yet it’s strangely appropriate for the brothers Dorais, Jason and Andrew, two midwesterners who’ve somehow transformed into speedfreak ski mountaineers based in Salt Lake City, who scale and descend peaks in record time, most often under the cover of night. By day, they’re both doctors, who are currently living out their residencies in emergency medicine. For the record, Andy is almost two years the senior, though they might as well be fraternal twins. While most of us speak in terms of days off, they converse in hours. If they have a few off, they’ll ski a peak in the morning before work; if they have 24 hours, they’ll drive to Wyoming and ski the Grand Teton. A whopping 48 hours gives them plenty of time to drive west and tag a little peak called Rainier. So how did this all come about? Let’s read on.

You’re midwestern boys. How did you get into climbing and skiing? What about them have such allure for you?
JASON: I remember our dad telling us stories about his climbing days in the Tetons back in the 70’s. He had a bunch of old slides and would give us slide shows every once in a while. We always loved it. Apart from the stories, he made a point of taking us out any chance he got. We never lived in a mountainous region but would take extended summer vacations every year to either the Pacific Northwest or New Hampshire. Wherever we were he would drag us up the local classic peaks. He always made us feel like we had accomplished something big and noteworthy. I think that was the start.

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