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Rowan’s First Flatiron

Jun. 23rd 2016

How Rob Pizem Passes Climbing on to His Son

Rowan has been wanting to climb a lot lately. To be clear, I never suggest to my sons that we go climbing. Nor do I ask them if they want to go. They have access to a garage wall at our house, to my Treadwall and to the thousands of sandstone boulders that surround our neighborhood. When they ask, I take them, and when they don’t we go fishing or play ball or go on hikes or do crafts. But on a recent trip to Boulder, Colorado, we climbed one of the Flatiron’s together. This was not a planned event nor a goal or even a wish on my part. It was more of an extension of my observing his interest in climbing. I should mention, Rowan, my oldest, is four and a half.

Rowan Pizem_1

Rob Pizem (Rowan's Dad), working for the FA of Human Centipede 5, 5.13, Zion National Park, UT.
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Rob Pizem on the Notion of “Happy Hour”

Jul. 2nd 2014

Rob Pizem is an experienced climber, who has explored the world looking for traditional, sport and big wall climbs. But when he’s not climbing, he has another passion. He describes that here.

Happy hour isn’t just the hour associated with drinking beer with your friends or those couple of hours unwinding after work. If you break down the simple language, it’s just the hour you’re most happy.


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10th Annual Red Rock Rendezvous Climbing Festival

Apr. 2nd 2013

Break out of your winter hibernation and break in your new rock shoes at the 10th annual Red Rock Rendezvous this weekend, April 5-7. America’s greatest climbing festival is sponsored in part by SCARPA North America and will be a weekend-long celebration filled with climbing clinics, games, yoga and of course beer. Located only a few shameful minutes from the Vegas strip, Red Rocks provides an amazing venue with thousands of climbing routes, ranging from short sport routes to massive 20 pitch epics. The desert oasis makes for a nice change from the piles of snow in your front yard, and you can finally lounge if some shorts and soak up some sunshine.

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Andy Raether and Rob Pizem go adventuring in the Narrows

Jun. 21st 2012

SCARPA athletes, Andy Raether and Rob Pizem, set out to have some fun in the Narrows in Zion. Andy Raether gives us a humorous account of their week of climbing. Although he claims to he was “scared, scraped and spent” from the trip, he also admits he would do it again.

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Why everyone should attend the Red Rock Rendezvous in 2013

Apr. 6th 2012

Rob Pizem, SCARPA athlete has nothing but great things to say about the Red Rock Rendezvous. From clinics to gear to the overall feel, Pizem had a great time and wants everyone else to share his amazing experience next year.

I, Rob Pizem, had the wonderful opportunity to teach two clinics and be auctioned off by the American Alpine Club at this year’s Red Rock Rendezvous. Along with meeting great people, enjoying the sunny and sometimes windy Nevada weather and getting to go rock climbing, I just wanted to let everyone know why the event kicks butt. Next year is the 10th annual, and I know that it will be a special and amazing time for everyone involved. Special thanks to SCARPA for sending me to represent them at this event. As usual, it was an honor.

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Unaweep Wall

Aug. 24th 2011

Rob Pizem, a member of SCARPA’s rock climbing team, has plans to free climb Unaweep Wall in Colorado this coming weekend.

In Rob’s words:
“Unaweep Wall lies on the west end of Unaweep Canyon just outside Grand Junction, Colorado. It is a granite and metamorphic gneiss, an overlooked and underused rock climbing mecca. Most of the noteworthy and established climbing is at the east end of the canyon on smaller features from sandstone boulders to 600 ft granite walls. Traditional routes are the main attraction, but more and more mixed and sport routes are being established by myself, Jesse Zacher and a few others.

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The Tehipite Sanction

Apr. 19th 2011

Rob Pizem is a high-school teacher, and pretty avid rock climber, and a SCARPA team member. What follows is the first part of his account of how he circled around to find himself attempting a new big-wall free route in summer 2010:

Tehipite Dome lies in the northern portion of Kings Canyon National Park, about a mile away from the Sierra National Forest boundary. But that is not where this story begins.

I had planned on a summer adventure in Alaska, where my partners and I would have to trek through the bush, cross icy rivers, navigate unknown glaciers, and finally end up at an enormous unclimbed big wall. We would make base camp and establish an amazing new free route on the virgin stone. Afterwards, we would triumphantly hike out from our now “established” path and happily fly home to our families and friends with memories of overcoming the obstacles that were before us. That is what I had planned. So, as life goes, even our best laid plans don’t come to fruition.

For a long time, I have been of the thought that things always work out and that I would always accomplish something during one of my climbing trips. It wasn’t until this past March 2010 that I actually didn’t accomplish anything and now my once in a lifetime trip to “Seward’s Folly” isn’t happening. What was going on? First of all, my always psyched and seemingly always available partner on these adventures, Mike Brumbaugh, was not taken with the idea. He had been there and didn’t like the taste that crossing glaciers left in his mouth. Actually, he had been there multiple times and apparently had done or attempted the climbs that he had wanted to and was satisfied. And since finding a good partner is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack, I knew that I wouldn’t find someone that I was psyched to have watching my back in Alaska, so that trip was kyboshed.

I was a bit upset, but never showed it and began researching other possibilities that did not involve icy glaciers. What was ironic was that I didn’t even have any experience crossing these death traps, yet I was the one initiating the experience. I guess that I am just too naive in thinking that Freedom of the Hills will get me out of any situation in the mountains.

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