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Catching up with…Polar Explorer and Climate Change Champion Eric Larsen

Feb. 24th 2011

This last November SCARPA athlete and polar explorer Eric Larsen completed his Save the Poles expedition – and epic trip involving reaching both the North and South Pole and the summit of Mount Everest in a calendar year to raise awareness of Global Warming.

He placed himself in the some of the world’s most remote, and otherwise most inhospitable environments to show why they’re worth saving. Through his efforts he’s garnered attention on the world stage. Now, months after his journey, we got him to answer a few questions about what it means to realize a major life goal.

Q – You’ve successfully completed the expedition. You’ve been interviewed and celebrated in the media. Was it what you expected? Do you feel you drew the kind of attention you sought for regarding global warming?

EL – Honestly, I expected I would be able to promote more climate change initiatives—solutions to the problem of global warming. Instead I spend a lot of my time simply verifying that, yes, these places are indeed melting. I had substantial media coverage, but there is definitely more I can do. This story isn’t finished yet.

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Eric Larson skis to both poles, summits Everest inside of one year

Oct. 18th 2010

A big congrats to Eric Larson, who nabbed his ‘third pole,’ the summit of Mount Everest, on Thursday, in his quest to summit the world’s highest mountain and ski to both North and South Pole inside of one year. Larson’s Save the Poles Expedition was part of an effort to raise awareness about global warming by calling attention to its affects on the world’s most extreme places.

And while those places are seeing the effects (you can’t listen to the news without hearing about how quickly the polar regions are melting), the world’s extreme places are still extreme. Extreme enough to cause a number of moments of pause for someone who’s very accustomed to extreme environments.

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Eric Larson hits base camp on quest for ‘third pole’

Sep. 14th 2010

Polar explorer (and sometimes climber) Eric Larson completed his trek to Everest base camp this week, and arrived to find what makes the fall season in some ways the better one in which to attempt the world’s highest peak – only two other teams and roughly 25 people in base camp … as compared to as many as 500 in the spring season.

Arriving in base camp two days ago, he got his first glimpses of the mountain he hopes to climb – the third pole, as he calls it. If you’re not familiar with Eric’s Save the Poles effort, check it out here.

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