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Professional climber Sam Elias reviews the SCARPA Instinct S

May. 13th 2011

I remember seeing the Instinct S for the first time. They were nice; beautifully designed and crafted with the care and attention to detail that is the SCARPA way. However, I clearly recall thinking, “These aren’t for me.”… I believed that I needed more specialized models. But, I was terribly wrong.

I believe that part of a climber’s nature is to be a specialist, a perfectionist of sorts.  I am, in part, the sum of all the body positions and movements that I have done, all the hand holds grabbed and pulled on, all the foot placements used. Thus, while either projecting a route for a red point or attempting an on-sight or flash, I am constantly trying to reduce everything to the bare minimum of the holds and the movement between them in an effort to find something recognizable. In an incessant stream of consciousness:

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