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Meastrale, Gea set the bar in lightweight, four-buckle alpine-touring boots

Nov. 30th 2010

Now that it’s officially ski season (and the good news is, it has been for while in many parts of North America), people can get down to the business of ski touring. And we are excited about touring this season here at SCARPA North America …

Beyond the usual seasonal stoke, we’re excited because we’ve introduced what we believe are a couple of bar-setting/category-defining products this season, the Meastrale and the Gea, which is the women’s counterpart to the Meastrale. What’s so cool, you ask?

Well, if you will indulge … these are the lightest (3 lbs, 6 ozs. and 2 lbs. 15 ounces per boot respectively), stiffest, four-buckle alpine-touring boots currently on the market. Add to that an astounding 39 degrees of cuff range and 24 degree backward from vertical (measured off the ankle pivot point, for you techies out there, and we do know you’re out there), and you’ve got some boots that rule for going uphill. But, what’s even more notable is they pack a pretty amazing amount of punch for going down. They’ll drive a pretty big ski … which is good since skis keep getting bigger.

But, yeah, we make ’em, so we understand: you’re skeptical.

So don’t take our word for it. We were stoked to get some independent verification over at earlier this year, so check out what the notoriously techy (and we mean that in the most positive sense of the word) testers over WS HQ thought about the Meastrale.

Long story short, we’re pretty stoked on these boots, because

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Back beyond vertical: Meastrale put to the test

Jul. 16th 2010

Yeah, we realize it’s not really ski season anymore, but here in Colorado, ski season can almost be any month of the year. And, hey, we’re starting to ship ski boots to dealers this month, so despite it being trail running, climbing and backpacking season, it’s sorta always ski season around here. At least in the mind’s eye …

With that out of the way, here’s a little post from freelance gear designer extraordinaire David Schipper, who used a pre-production version of SCARPA’s new Meastrale alpine-touring boot (due out here this coming fall) during a ski tour late this spring. The goal of their little outing this past April was skiing 130 miles, with 40,000 vertical feet of climbing and descent, crossing fourteeen Colorado 14,000′ peaks in the process.

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