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Extremely Balanced: SCARPA’s Gina Pedrett on work, family and healthy living

Jan. 22nd 2013

For decades SCARPA has been making products for athletes who reach extremes in the world of mountain adventure. But that’s not all they do, and many of the people who are a part of the international SCARPA family avoid extremes, and focus more on balance, body and a healthy way of life. So is the case for Gina Pedrett, SCARPA’s production designer, who is a central character in the company’s everyday goings on. The active wife, mother of two, and engaged outsdoorswoman has her own goals and her own rewards, which are every bit as valuable to the fabric of the SCARPA lifestyle. Let’s hear what she has to say.

You’ve been in the outdoor industry for a while. Did you always think you’d end up in this kind of work? I moved here from Missouri a week after college graduation, and first and foremost, I needed a way to support myself. After several stints and layoffs with “dot com” start-ups, I began my search for a different industry. I found an ad from Backcountry Access, and got my foot in the door there. I wouldn’t say I sought out this industry in the beginning, but now that I’m here, I’m a bit spoiled and can’t imagine going back to high-tech. It’s definitely more suitable to my lifestyle and attitude.

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Hope you like Slopers

Nov. 3rd 2010

The 2nd stop in the Triple Crown Bouldering series this Saturday at Horse Pens 40

SCARPA is a proud sponsor of the Southeast’s Triple Crown Bouldering Series. The series began in 2003 when Jim Horton created the series specifically to benefit the Southeast Climbers’ Coalition and the Carolina Climbers’ Coalition, two grassroots non-profits working to acquire and maintain land for climbers where access issues litter the countryside. The Triple Crown has since helped to highlight the incredible resources available to climbers in the Southeast and is increasingly drawing climbers from across the region and the entire US!

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Mt. Cromwell Elzinga/Miller in a Day

Nov. 1st 2010

Check out this video of SCARPA team member Raphael Slawinski and Joshua Levigne getting after it on Mt. Cromwell.

Mt. Cromwell Elzinga/Miller in a day from alpinesummits on Vimeo.

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A Family Affair

Oct. 14th 2010

SCARPA North America athlete Andrew McLean is all about family…The Alaska Family, that is, and tonight he’s going to be giving a presentation on just how committed he’s been.

“The Alaska Family” refers to a set of three peaks, the Denali, Sultana and Mt. Hunter. According to Native American lore, these mountains are the Father (Denali), the Mother (Sultana) and the Child (Hunter). In skiing terms, they represent the highest peak in North America, a peak that has been called “the toughest 14-er in North America,” and a peak with one of the lowest odds of success, respectively. That’s quite the family tree!

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Lumpy Ridge Adopt-a-Crag Event

Sep. 30th 2010

SCARPA North America is always psyched to support its partners and their projects, but we get especially stoked when a project goes down around our stomping grounds, like the event planned for this weekend supporting Front Range climbing, just outside of our hometown of Boulder, Colo. The Access Fund, a SCARPA partner, runs a program called Adopt-a-Crag, and October 1-3, the action continues at Lumpy Ridge in Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes, Colo. The event is hosted by the Front Range Section of the American Alpine Club and will be open to the public.

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