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How to Properly Fit and Put on a Rock Climbing Shoes with Heinz Mariacher

Oct. 8th 2013

For some people, putting on a rock shoe can be similar to putting on a ski boot – it can take some effort. But, knowing how to first properly size, and – then – how to properly put on a rock shoe, can make all the difference.

There’s a correct way to put on rock shoes, you say? Indeed there is, and it’ll help you get the longest life out of your shoes. In this short video, SCARPA’s Climbing Line Product Manager Heinz Mariacher demonstrates how to properly fit and put on a rock shoe.

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A look at the different ways of building mountain footwear

Sep. 12th 2013

The different kinds of sports you can do in the mountains are as varied as the great mountain ranges of the world. Thus, it’s no surprise that there are different approaches to building the various kinds of mountain footwear for different sports.

Do you need a lot of support for carrying a big pack or a rigid midsole for climbing steep ice? Or do you need to feel the surface of the rock to gain maximum friction for climbing, or perhaps increase shock absorption on the trail for running?

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Ever Ready: Majka Burhardt Keeps Things Moving

Jun. 4th 2013

Heraro Arch, 5.12, Namibia. Photo: Gabe Rogel

Majka Burhardt doesn’t slow down much. The SCARPA athlete, author and speaker has spent much of her adult life combining a love and talent for climbing with an equal tenacity toward the arts and social responsibility. Born and raised in Minnesota, Burhardt was an unlikely candidate to be a rising voice for African conservation. But after her first trip years ago, she was entranced and thus, found her calling.

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Don’t judge the shoe by its … uh … assymetric downturn

Sep. 16th 2010

If you are climbing hard routes these days, downturned shoes are most likely what you’re in.

If you’re perhaps a little on the old-school side and/or you’re just used to using more comfortable shoes, it can be hard to see the light first time you pull on a pair of more assymetrical, downturned shoes, like SCARPA’s Vapor V. Especially if you judge them from this one experience … One might even conclude you only benefit from such shoes if you are climbing super steep, super hard terrain.

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Get a little insight into SCARPA athlete Rob Pizem on Deadpoint

Jul. 19th 2010

Whether it’s putting up stout routes on the Front Ranges or free-climbing on Yosemite’s big walls, Rob Pizem gets after it. Especially for a guy with a ‘real’ job.

Rob’s a high school teacher who rock climbs in his spare time, or maybe it’s the other way around. Whichever he does in his spare time, he seems to do both things really well. And maybe it’s no coincidence, being a high school teacher and motivating kids, that he’s not only extremely motivated himself, but also just a good, genuine person who’s a good spokesman for the sport.

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