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Trail Running From Snakes in Baja Sur

May. 14th 2014

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Matt and Agnes Hage take pride in producing authentic photography for outdoor brands around the world. This time, they took off to Baja California, Mexico for some adventurous trail running with some rad shoes.

Having lived my entire life in Alaska, I’d never really gotten to know snakes. But, as I learned, there’s something primordial embedded in my DNA that kicks in during a snake encounter.

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The Trail-Running Family Grows With Three New Shoes

May. 7th 2014

There’s a niche in your training program for a great pair of trail runners – whether you’re dedicated to the sport or just using the single track as a transition-season training tool. But, like any outdoor endeavor, there are different ways to approach trail running, and different styles of doing it.

For Spring 2014, SCARPA introduces three new shoes that help create its most well-rounded trail-running program yet. Building on the success of its award-winning Spark, SCARPA has created a family of complimentary shoes for your trail running adventures. Meet the Ignite, Ion and TRU.

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Rapid Ascent: Introducing SCARPA’s Rapid LT

Mar. 19th 2013

Peak bagging has its own set of rigors and expectations. Beginning at the trailhead, you move with enthusiastic purpose to the objective. Through treed trails you zigzag beside a shaded creek bed. Closer to the crag, you leave the well-worn single track for an incipient climber’s path, then through scree, rubble and finally to the summit. For many people this is the allure of the mountains; the constant changing environment, the challenges, the cruxes, the slog—all of it combine to create those notable days in the hills. And that’s what we want from the Rapid LT.

Based off the chassis of the award-winning Spark, the Rapid LT is a light, nimble alpine hiking shoe that can handle techy terrain with confidence, giving you the comfort and support of an approach shoe but with the svelte maneuverability of a trail runner. The 7mm drop (from heel to toe), low profile compression molded EVA midsole provides cushion and agility when moving over broken terrain or rocky single track. The randed rubber toebox and Speed Lite HDR rubber outsole offer protection, traction and grip for more slabby encounters inherent in mountain travel.

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Nurturing the Natural Path: Kaley Westhusing’s life at SCARPA

Aug. 23rd 2012

Kaley Westhusing is in the full stride of life. The native Alaskan is currently a Sales Service Representative at SCARPA North America in Boulder. Raised outside Anchorage in the mountain town of Girdwood, her parents taught (and tricked) her into spending much of her childhood in the hills around their home. Call it a con job, but it worked nevertheless. Kaley has been working most of her adult life in the Outdoor Industry, as have her two sisters. Some might say nature, others nurture. We say, why not both?

Growing up in Alaska exposed you to quite a bit of the outdoors. Is that what led you to Colorado for college?
It definitely had a lot to do with it. As a small kid it’s a lot harder to wrap your head around enjoying the beauty of the outdoors, and I oftentimes felt like my parents were sandbagging me on every excursion I was taken on. What I was told would be a quick hike would instead turn into a 10-hour, grueling day up a steep peak, incentivized by the promise of gummy bears at the top. Looking back, I’m thankful to have those authentic experiences of growing up in Alaska; it truly shaped my appreciation for the outdoors. I guess Colorado seemed like a no-brainer.

Both of your sisters work in the outdoor industry. Does it seem natural that you would end up working for an outdoor company as well?
Kind of, but it didn’t come as easy as it does to some. I’m the youngest of three, and I did my fair share of dabbling with various careers. After college I moved to Portland where I worked in marketing and eventually the weather got the best of me. I experienced a quarter-life crisis and moved to Europe for a year to mull things over, and finally found myself back in Boulder where I ended up landing at SCARPA. If you call that a ‘natural path’, then, yes!
My sisters and I had the same influencers growing up, and my dad was always bringing home the latest and greatest outdoor products. His ‘gear room’ was the epitome of the Outside Buyers Guide. He used to tell us there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear, maybe it stuck with all of us, and we felt an innate calling to rid the world of bad gear. Now that we do all work in similar fields, it’s really cool to hang out with my sisters, and share the same appreciation for product innovation and design amongst companies and share ideas with each other.

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Fit for Function: Why the right fit matters

May. 31st 2012

Rocks, stumps, tree roots and logs all contribute to the landscape of trail running. And we love it. The uneven slopes, steep hills, forested single track, and nature’s cobbled paths bring different rewards than the prizes of pounding pavement. Trail runners also have different demands on their bodies, and different demands of their shoes. The right trail shoe can be transcendent as we quietly putter along in solitude, whereas ill-fitting trail shoes can wreak havoc on our feet, and reduce the most stalwart mountain man into a hobbled mess in a matter of minutes. Hot spots, blisters, and lost toenails are but a few issues that are the result of ill-fitting trail shoes.

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Design Sparks: Q&A with SCARPA running shoe designer Mark Mathews

Apr. 24th 2012

Mark Mathews is one of the brains behind SCARPA’s award winning trail runner, the Spark, which won ‘Best Debut’ from Runner’s World this spring. He’s a lifelong runner who values the balance of design, functionality and reality. Working in the outdoor industry for much of his career, Mathews has come to know what works and why when it comes to trail running shoes. We were able to pick his brain about what strides are necessary to make state-of-the-art trail shoes.

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Less is More: The new Spark minimalist running shoe

Apr. 17th 2012

Trail running is experiencing a renaissance. And it’s showing us that less is more, as in lower to the ground, less cushioned, less material, and more minimal. The theory being that the more efficient and lower impact running style is to strike the ground with the midfoot/forefoot, not the heel. This allows the dynamic structure of the foot to absorb most of the impact, so the shoe needs to absorb only a small amount of impact. SCARPA saw the intelligence in the minimal style, and the Spark was made.

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Get Trail-Ready! Enter to win trail running shoes from SCARPA on Facebook

Apr. 2nd 2012

In honor of warmer weather and the trails drying up, SCARPA will be giving away two pairs of trail running shoes (one men’s, one women’s) each week to two lucky Facebook fans. This is no April Fool’s joke! All you have to do is “Like” the SCARPA Facebook page, enter your name and email address on the ‘Contest Giveaway’ link, and… voila! You’re entered to win.

The first contest launched today with the Corsa Boa (women’s) and Blitz Boa (men’s), a running shoe with a triple-density EVA sole (=more cushion and a softer forefoot) and the Boa quick adjustment dial system for a precise fit.

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SCARPA Spark wins “Best Debut” in Runner’s World Magazine

Mar. 8th 2012

In its annual Spring trail-running footwear guide, which came out this week, Runner’s World Magazine named SCARPA’s Spark trail runner as ‘Best Debut’ in new trail shoes for 2012.

“The shoe offers impressive protection from sharp trail obstacles, thanks to a plate under the forefoot and wide overlays at the base of the upper,” Runner’s World wrote. “With all that, the shoe weighs just 9.7 ounces … Bottom Line: A lightweight trainer ideal for steep, shale-covered trails.”

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